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God catch-am::: This line seem to have resurrected after the President, Nigerian Association of Blackmail Bloggers of Nigeria, NABBN, Chris Kehinde Nwandu, popularly called CKN was arrested on a SELF-INFLICTED wahala as everyone I had spoken to and with on this matter had same line in their mouth, GOD-CATCH-AM!

One begins to wonder if these respondents hated CKN for no just cause or they were simply jealous of his OLD-AGED-SUCCESS but no, none of these were the issues but the fact that the man had lived his life seating on NITEL WIRE (if you know what that means) and a lot of people, including those who were closed to him, had patiently waited for this day to come when his wings will be cut to size completely, not by them, but by those whose cutting knives will be sharper than that of the devil himself.

CKN as most of us know is a man whose means of livelihood and personality is shredded in secrecy, where he engaged and tore families apart, but kept his from the public, a ploy by him to avoid the divine recompense for sins done to others by him.

His desire to make money and fame did not start yesterday or even today as he is reputed to have been warned by those who were close to him as far back as the days he was with LTV to desist from caving such part for himself but no, he wouldn't as his belief had always been to make money and nothing more.

Some of us would be shocked to learn that CKN's diversified stock in trade was blackmailing pastors and extorting money from them to cover-up whatever stories he had on them. This side of his business venture saw him visiting different churches in the name of serving us hot egusi soup of stories from them, little did some of us know that what CKN does was, go to those churches, look for loopholes, fabricate stories from them, write the pastors and make demands of them or else, he would bring down their churches or break down marriages, if the story has to do with the pastor dating a church member.

CKN's cup of sins was filled long time before now, only boosted with full force and I dare say that if he comes out of this, then his mother should be a Mountain of Fire member (we know his mother as a Muslim) or the other ONE............

Did you know how many marriages CKN had torn apart? How many broken homes? How many children don't live with their parents as a result of CKN's desire to be the publisher of the biggest Gossip Online Portal filled with stories of people and individuals who pockets could water his palms?

I heard just this early morning that a woman whose marriage CKN broke 5yrs ago had for the past 5yrs, devoted her time praying for what is happening today and I ask his defense FOOLS who would come here to attack my person for speaking the truth as my custom is, if you have ten of women like this lady praying against same man for the same reasons, do you think heaven won't answer with quick ALACRITY??

Now, let me inform everyone reading this that CKN is seriously done for on this matter, as Fidelity Bank, their lawyers and the security agencies working on this matter, have in their possession, pictures, video recordings, documents of blackmails, threats, monetary negotiations, abuses and other incriminating facts against CKN and how a man like him will come out would be a miracle as even those whom he called his friends, especially those of them whom he ate part of our national resources with, have all taken to their heels as none would wish to be associated with a man of IMPECCABLE CHARACTER (abi no be wetin CKN be???) like him.
When you tell people to desist from doing evil, they will call you names.

What baffles me in this case are majorly two issues.

1. It wasn't even CKN that wrote the story in question. The story was written by someone else but our almighty CKN saw the business part of it and added MARKETING PRISM as my oga Oluwole Ishola David would tell us while I was with M2 Magazine and here he is, receiving the punishment for another person's sin because of greed.

2. It was extremely very shameful when I heard of amounts involved in this case that has dragged CKN's dilapidated reputation to the pigs for a festival of eating and drinking.

Ordinary five hundred thousand naira? Oh! What a shame!!!

What a shame that CKN, after winning and dinning with powers that be then in Aso Rock, could have his name ridiculed like this for just 500k? Shame catch me for the man.

For those of you who think this is a joke, hmmmmmm, una better start praying and fasting for una partner in blackmail bcos as I dey see am now, excerpt a miracle happens, CKN is done for..

The tears of that innocent bank MD who was wrongfully accused and had an American woman imposed on as his mistress and those of other women and pastors whom CKN had dealt with in the past will fight CKN till he can't face people like me in life.

I, Precious Chukwunonso Eze, maybe anything but to steal or eat from where I did not sow? No way!!!!

Last year, I had had 50k returned to someone who had contracted me to run a press stuff for him. I can assure you guys that not one kobo of that money entered my mouth but for reputation sake, I had to pay back when those I gave the monies to refused to return the money till now.

Kelechi Deca, Femi Adeoya,Mike Ikem Umealo knew the story.

What exactly shall it profit a man to make all the money wey dey for this world and has no good name attacked to him????

CKN, congratulations!!!

See you when you are out!!

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