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Hafsat Folashade Hamzat Is 185yrs (WISHES) Today.

There are people who had the sun, moon and even the heavens stand-still at their birth and this is definitely one of those.

Mrs. Hafsat Folashade Hamzat is a woman whose value is inestimable amongst her peers and no one passes her without catching a glimpse of her radiance which is very much infectious.

Born on the 14th November, Hafsat Hamzat is a rare breed, who attended on of the prestigious Aviation Schools in Nigeria before proceeding to the United Kingdom to pick up an appointment with KFC in Manchester.

One of the best of wives any man would wish to have in his home, Hafsat is one who takes responsibility as ordained by God for a married woman regardless of her position or schedules as a business-woman, to make sure her home is set as her first priority before anything else comes.

She is a native of Oyo town in Oyo State, a former Travel Agent, who is now a blossoming business tycoon.

Mrs. Hafsat is married to amiable Alhaji Kunke Hamzat and she is blessed with two wonderful children who are blessings to her.

We on wish you, Mrs. Hafsat Folashde Hamzat, exactly 185yrs as our headline says, with strength and vitality. You shall live a LONG life till LIFE TIRE you at 185. AMEN!!!

Happy Birthday!!

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