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Unripe Plantain Meal:By Iyabo Lawani!!

It is a Native thing and a fantastic meal for diabetic people.

This Unripe plantain with water leaves and herbs is so fresh with lovely Aroma and astringent taste from the Uziza and scent leaves. It is a Pot full of nutritious goodness and very delightful.
Every spoon full is an experience of yummyness with the crunch from diced snails, Pomo, and flaked fish... Oh no It just couldn't get any better. Enjoy!!!!

Unripe Plantain (roughly chopped)
4 fingers
Snails (Diced )2 cups
Pomo (diced) 2 cups
Fish ( flaked)
Fresh Pepper  chopped 4 pcs
Onions chopped 2 med. sizes
Crayfish ground  2 tbsp
Water leaves (shredded)...2 med. bunches
Uziza (shredded) a handful
Scent Leaves (Effirin) shredded
Palm oil 1 cooking spoon
Seasoning Cube and Salt to taste
Water enough to cover the plantain

- Put  Plantain and water in a pot and cook for 10mins
- Add the chopped pepper, onions, crayfish, Pomo, fish and seasoning/ salt stir well. Cook till Plantain begins to soften
-Now add the snails still well cover and cook till sauce begins to thicken and add the Palm Oil still well
- add the water leave stir and cook for 2 mins
-Now add the Uziza and scent leaves stir well and turn off the heat.
-Allow to rest for 5 mins and Serve. 

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