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CELEBRITY CHEF---Dodo And Beans Submarine Sandwich -- By Iyabo Lawani!

Seriously, I did play with my Dodo (fried Plantain) and Beans with Agoyin sauce today. After a long long time of beans and dodo craving, I present to you on this Thanksgiving Day a local delight.
 DODO AND BEANS SUBMARINE SANDWICH ..... Ummmmm did I say submarine? Enjoy

Recipe for Mashed Beans
2 cups Oloyin brown beans
1 small Onion (finely chopped)
Crayfish Seasoning cube/ salt to taste
1 liter water

- Pick, Wash beans, and pour into a pot cook till beans begins to soften
- Add the seasoning, onions and salt to taste cook on low heat till bean is well done, using a spoon mash beans as much as possible into a smooth thick consistency.
-Now set aside keeping warm

Recipe for Spicy Pepper sauce
2 ckngspoon ground dry Pepper seeds
1 Shawa  fish (flaked)
1 large  Onion bulb  ground
1/2 an onion bulb finely chopped
1 tbsp ground fresh Ginger
2 cooking spoons Palm oil
1 seasoning Cube /Salt to taste

- Mix pepper seeds, onions, and ginger in a bowl set aside for pepper to absorb onion juice well.
- Heat the palm oil for 3 mins
- Fry the finely chopped onion, till very brown but not bunt 
- Add the pepper mix, fish, seasoning and salt. Fry till very dry but not burnt.
- Serve on beans with fried plantain well garnished. 

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