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Emma Ugolee Writes For You!!!!

The speed with which the mass mumbling took over the dead quiet exam hall as she raised her hand for the 2nd time to ask for an extra sheet was funny.

You see, micro economics theory was one of those nightmare courses and the exams were confirmed "biro" eating sessions for most of us. Being a serial extra sheets killer on this day had to drag even the invigilators commendation along with the class's admiration all in Chika's direction.

I sat a space away from her & so unlike every other examiner who was just curious, I was positioned to both be curious and yet monitor whatever magic Chika was performing. So while they all played theatre audience I saw the making of the movie. My behind the scenes findings is exactly what made this event a reoccurring point of reference.

Chika had barely written anything on the 1st extra sheet. Mountain sized graphs and wide spaces between paragraphs & not a crowded array of information was behind the public display of slaying it. Feeling silly for letting her display affect my zeal, my slightly wavered confidence was instantly re-rooted as I could see the gimmicks that aided her play to the gallery.

My 3rd year second semester experience but your reminder that you cannot allow your focus and self confidence with achievements in life be moulded or shaken by the outward appearance of those who seem to be progressing faster. The "not all that glitters is gold" rule has never been truer with application than these days when many are more obsessed with being percived as progressing rather than actually progressing in reality.

Desperation about maintaining false impressions about the state of marriages, finances, age, business connects, health, social status... has got everyone lying, borrowing, begging & bending values just to keep up with the Dangote's and the ignorant weak end up feeling bitter about thier own lives which in most cases have so much more to offer.

Before you start feeling unaccomplshed because "Mr look at me" drove pass in his Bentley, confirm that the person on the other side of his phone conversation is not the angry car dealer giving him a final warning before repossession. Confirm please that the garage for the Bentley is not under the mango tree in front of his BQ apartment. Confirm that you are not being sold a lie as many live only for that moment when you buy the lie.

Your lane, Your pace, Your goals, Your happiness. Back to back. Keep watering your flowers. No time to be checking out another man's garden. His flowers may be made of plastic.

By beautiful-hearted Emma Ugolee who is a former Telecom Executive, TV Presenter/Host, A thorough Voice Coach and One Of The Happiest Persons Ever Living.

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