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Lara Owoeye-Wise Appointed SA, Media To Deputy Speaker, House Of Reps!!

 My darling mentor and broadcaster per excellence, Lara Owoeye-Wise of African Independent Television, AIT, has been announced Special Assistant, Media to the deputy Speaker, House of Representatives, Hon. Suleiman Lasun.
 These were the few words i had to say about this lady with a heart of Gold.


You know, onething a lot of people don't know abt me is my love for broadcast journalism that even as a child(children in Patience Jonathan's tune) I ventured into it on MITV with no requisite training and here I am today.

Over the years, I have associated with just the best amongst TV broadcasters to the extent that if I see a good one, I'll know, sometimes I stay to analyze their performances on TV and this woman can attest to this because, she and I had done that several times.

Lara Wise as a news anchor on AIT (she was with STV as some time but I never got to see her as I am told she was just a reporter then) penetrated to my heart with her appearance on TV that I only flip over to AIT to see if it's her, Jire Kufiriji or Osadolor-Ehima Kambili casting and if non of them is on air, I quickly flip over to another station to see some other people. Lol.

Her appearance, honestly reminded me of one of the ladies on Channels TV those days, her name was Derin Oderinde, later Derin Disu, who was admired by my boss and senior brother, Akin Adeoya for reasons best known by the two of us.

Auntie Lara's body movement/language on TV, her gesticulation, her delivery, her eye-contact with her camera and above all, her LIPS movement ehen, nah die.

I am now wondering who will do mouth like she does on AIT with her recent appointment as SA Media to the Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives?

As Deputy Head of Presentation in AIT, the friendship she built with both junior and senior colleagues of hers is a story for another day because, the kind of testimony I have received so far, are overwhelming.

Chai, who will do mouth like person wey chop coco-yam on TV again for me???

Who will look my posts with Stella Din eyes and send me inbox messages telling me what to write as corrections to some of either typographical errors or outright wrong spellings on my posts???

Hope she will have enough time to pick my calls like before??? CHOI, AATOMU ooooooooo!!!!

Am(I'm, nah she correct this one too) ironically not happy right now ooooo.
LOL, she knows my heart though but, I will miss her on TV.

Lara Owoeye-Wise is one role model who will never fail my hand and this is why I am very proud of her right now.

Congratulations ma'am and like I told you that midnight, you may not have enough sleep forthwith, but have it mind that I am on your case, interceding for you to succeed on this one and succeed you shall.

Auntie Lara is not like all these devilishly proud broadcasters one see around these days who think being on either TV or Radio makes them know more than God Himself, Juliet Anyanwu Obata and Rose P. Graham my darlings know some of them.

God bless you for me for being my friend Auntie, I thoroughly appreciate you.

GRACED Lara Wise.

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