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Okigwe Senatorial Zone: Benjamin Uwajumogu Is Your Senator!!


BENJAMIN UWAJUMOGU is a seasoned legislator, a visionary leader, a humanitarian and a perfect gentleman. His adventure into the Imo State House of Assembly in 2011 and subsequent elevation as Speaker of the House was undoubtedly a preparatory ground for higher service for the good people of Okigwe Zone.

Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu clearly understands that the duties of a Legislator are clearly cut out. A lawmaker is essentially an advocate for his people, an activist of sorts and the mediator between the government and his constituents. He also understands that a Legislator most importantly needs to be grounded in the art of legislation to be able to effectively and efficiently represent his people.

A Legislator requires requisite experience and understanding of the legislative process as well as appropriate temperament and character required to work across the aisle and build strategic partnerships that will benefit his people which includes strength of character, humility, selflessness, doggedness with required degree of flexibility etc. There’s no gainsaying the fact that he understands that sponsored bills and motions should first and foremost reflect and seek to address the immediate and peculiar needs of a Legislator’s particular constituency for that is why he is representing them. Otherwise the essence of constituent representation will be defeated.

This is easily what clearly sets Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu apart from all the other contestants seeking to represent Okigwe Zone in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

However, Rt.Hon Uwajumogu understands that the business of a Lawmaker does not begin and end in the Assembly and law making but also includes concerted and sincere efforts targeted at improving the lot of the constituents.

Pursuant to this, below are some of the strategies, programs and plans already put in place by Rt Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu to ensure that his sojourn to the National Assembly will be a positive continuation of his modest contribution to the development of Okigwe as Speaker IMHA and a massive departure from the lack luster representation Okigwe has had in the last 16years.
1. As part of his determination to ensure effective and functional representation of our good people of Okigwe, Rt Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu will within Sixty (60) days of his swearing in, set up a fully functional CONSTITUENCY OFFICE in Okigwe Zone.

2. Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu will have a dedicated ‘CONSTITUENT’S DESK’ for the Six (6) Local Government Areas in the zone. This desk will be manned by individuals from Okigwe and will be accessible 24/7 to indigenes of Okigwe at home and in Diaspora. The Desk will be tasked with the responsibility of dealing with matters affecting our constituents in real time. The era of poor accessibility to our representatives is over.

3. As a firm believer in empowerment, Rt Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu believes in teaching people how to fish instead of giving them fish. His concept of empowerment is modeled after a module that puts wealth in the hands of the individuals in the community, thereby giving them the power and confidence to make decisions concerning their individual and community lives and thereby help to develop their community. In this wise, he and his team have designed an INTEGRATED COMMUNITY ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM (ICEP) under his OKIGWE SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT MODEL (OSCDM) that allows for ‘clusters’ of small scale enterprises in the rural communities. These enterprises will be fully owned and managed by members of the community. The members of each ‘Business cluster’ will share the profit from their business monthly based on an agreed format. They will receive support and capacity building from the office of the Senator. Necessary support and partnership with the state Government will also be available. This is easy considering the fact that Rt Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu belongs to the ruling political party in the state and the Federal government as well the healthy and respectable relationship between him and the State Governor.

4. Considering the deplorable healthcare situation faced by people in Okigwe Senatorial Zone owing to lack of functional and equipped health care facilities in the Zone, RT Hon Uwajumogu with input from his Medical Team, under the OKIGWE SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT MODEL (OSCDM) has concluded discussions and plans with relevant agencies like the MDGs office, reputable health care organizations and individuals within and outside the state and the country that will lead to the remodeling, renovation and equipping of select community primary healthcare facilities (Health Centers) across the Senatorial Zone. Modalities for the selection will be unveiled after his inauguration into the Senate. It is also worthy of note that the Chairman House Committee on Health is the member representing Obowo/Ihitte Uboma/Ehime Mbano Federal Constituency on the platform of the APC. This advantage will be maximized for the good of Okigwe.

5. To further ensure that the Healthcare needs of the constituents are met and that the people take full advantage of the Health facilities provided, a customized community-based OKIGWE HEALTH INSURANCE SCHEME (OHIS) has been designed for Okigwe indigenes. Under this scheme, every Okigwe indigene that is enrolled under the scheme will be entitled to receive quality medical care from the designated community health facilities. This scheme will ensure availability of affordable and qualitative health care on demand to citizens of Okigwe all year round. Discussions are also at advanced stages to determine areas of collaboration with the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). By the grace of God, the cases of avoidable deaths and infant/maternal mortality will be checked.

6. The Okigwe Sustainable Community Development Model (OSCDM) will also see to an accelerated and sustainable attention to rural roads in communities in the Senatorial Zone. The Ex-Speaker has a lot of experience in this area having worked on rural road in Communities across all Local Government Areas in the Zone. Special road work techniques and new affordable technology in earth treatment and road protection will be employed to ensure durability.

7. The Agriculture/Agro business component of the Okigwe Sustainable Community Development Model (OSCDM) is tailored towards harnessing the abundant Agricultural potentials of the zone as well as expansion in the areas of Fish farming, Snail keeping, Piggery etc. These have been designed to form part of the Integrated Community Entrepreneurship Program (ICEP) under the OSCDM.

Arts and crafts which were the traditional cultural and economic mainstay of Okigwe people but now neglected will be revisited with a view to producing modern arts, crafts and home wares from our abundant natural resources in Oil Palm, Raffia Palm etc.

8. Under the Okigwe Sustainable Community Development Model (OSCDM), education will be given top priority, with special attention paid to primary or foundational education. Emphasis of intervention will be on functional education both in the formal and informal sector. Already existing Scholarships instituted by Rt Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu will be sustained and expanded. They shall remain without conditions.

In addition, a special package has been designed for Okigwe indigenes learning trades like Mechanic, Furniture Making, Fashion Designing etc. The customized ARTISAN SUPPORT SCHEME (ASS) will deliver special support youth engaged in informal education with a view to helping them finish their training and provide them, take off grants in partnership with relevant State and Federal Government Poverty Alleviation packages.

The Legislature is NOT AN EXECUTIVE POSITION and Hon Uwajumogu clearly understands that having been there and done that. That is why he is not making, bogus, unrealistic promises. He is relying more on partnerships with relevant governmental and Non-Governmental Agencies as well as individuals and organizations relying on massive good will garnered over years of public service.

There is no doubting the fact that an old woman never gets old in a dance she knows how to dance. Rt Hon Benjamin Chukwuemeka Uwajumogu has the requisite experience, structure and connections required to hit the ground running.

Ndi Okigwe, We have someone who providence has thrown up for us and who by dint of hard work, determination and grace of God has prepared himself for a time as this.
We have someone who performed unarguably well above average as a Legislator and Speaker at the Imo State House of Assembly.

This is a man who has the required temperament, mannerism, humility, accessibility, kind heartedness and most importantly experience required to build bridges, make and get concessions that will get things done for Okigwe.

Rt Hon Benjamin Chukwuemeka Uwajumogu is undoubtedly the man for a time as this. It is no mistake.

I humbly implore us to do the right thing, forget about sentiments and send him to higher office to do greater things for Okigwe at the National Assembly Abuja.

Thank you.
Dr Uche Diala (OD, Mnoa)
National Coordinator
War Against Indiscipline & Corruption Squad (WAIC SQUAD)

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