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Eucharia Anunobi Didn’t Have A Son Out of Wedlock!!

My name is Precious Eze, writer, blogger, content producer and former close associate to Nollywood Actor and now, Evangelist, Eucharia Anunobi and I would love to correct the wrong misinterpretation of words from the amiable actor during an interview she granted New Telegraph Newspapers.

While I worked with Eucharia, it was always war between she, some journalists and I on whether she should or shouldn’t grant print interviews as she was always misquoted, twisted and misrepresented by reporters who flung around her asking for one interview or the other and whenever she obliged anyone, the story is always the same. MISQUOTATION.

Today as I returned from my trip, I was amazed to see on social media, headlines like, ‘‘I Regret Having A Son Out of Wedlock—Eucharia Anunobi’’ and I was like, Eucharia that I know would never make such a statement because, she was properly married, infact, one of the very few actors in Nollywood who got married properly before either being pregnant nor having a child. So, there wouldn’t have been any reason or reasons whatsoever for Eucharia to make such a remark about her darling son, Raymond, whom she had given up a lot for in life.

In curiosity, I had to go see the content of the interview and what she said that would have meant having her son out of wedlock and I was amazed to see that she was only being misrepresented by online and social media journalists who trade in falsehood to make a living and here is what she said during the interview.

How is your son doing? He must have really grown now.

Very well, we thank the God Almighty, the Lord has been faithful.

What is it like being a single parent?

‘‘It was not a deliberate choice that I have made, it came by chance, it came by mistake. God does not kill His children who have made mistakes. He would rather sustain them and tell them that He is the owner of all things. The Lord has been sustaining me as a single parent I don’t think about it, all I know is ‘God, you are the one that created me and the child that you gave to me’. So whatever that is needed of me, it was a wrong choice that I made’’.

Eucharia in the lines above never said she regretted having her son, having him out of wedlock nor was her son a mistake. What she said was based on the question asked her on single parenting and one begins to wonder why people would want to gain from doing this.

She maybe anything to different people, especially those who had never had close contact with her person, but onething I give to her is her respect for the matrimonial bed and the sanctity of marriage, which may not have worked in her favour but assuredly, Eucharia would never have a child out of wedlock and I can guarantee that if she is ready to have more children today, she would rather get married again than have a child outside marriage.
This is the Eucharia Anunobi I know.

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