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That PDP could not manage success will be a child's play to it's inability to manage failure. And the great looser will be Nigeria's democracy. Everybody will agree that democracy thrives with a constructive and articulate opposition. PDP is not looking like it intends to become that credible opposition. As things stand now, PDP is loosing a central control system which is highly required of an opposition group that will be effective to railroad an administration in the right direction.

PDP is forcing our democracy to hang at the level where the role of opposition is not understood.

Contrary to all expectations, APC has worked hard to avoid implosion, although its not "eureka" yet.

But the problem is that there is so much mess that no one wants to seriously associate or identify with PDP anymore. In the South East, most of the old bigwigs are droning to APC in scores. It's appalling that the only reaction by Nigerian politicians when their political group loses central control is to migrate to the wining group.

There is need for a strong opposition if we would be making any progress democratically. Asking that APC should make the exchange N1 to $1 is not just constructive enough in view of the fact that PDP rascality is what depleted the foreign reserve of our country even when oil sold at a reasonable rate for a good period of time. Jesting that APC should do what it could not do in 16 years does not also portray PDP as a viable opposition.

By Chris Onyishi!!

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