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Ibim Semenitari Celebrate Birthday (Birthday POEM)

Every year brings its gifts of seasons
patterns on the fragile fabric of time
which adorn our days like pure rosettes
and small miracles of perpetual rebirth;
we gather into the calabash of our lives
all leaves and fruits, sunsets and dayspring
making of each day a rite and celebration
of seasoned moments and memories

Every day brings rays of your presences
and warmth, like your virginal smile
heart filled with little stunning planets , so no
nightfall persists, nor casts spells of darkness,
every day you reveal lucent dewdrops of joy
on all who encounter your bright eyes of dawn
who see the new leaves and flowers of may
from which life, magical and imperial
assumes, as petal, its warmest, tenderest glow

We celebrate every day the fruits of a year
honour every year the eternity of our moments
like you, great gift of life, abiding spring
for a single day cannot hold all your spirit
single fountain cannot write you into an epic
nor lone voice or paean project your orchestra
you who have gathered all the seasons
into a single day, like this, all yours, splendoured
filled with songs, laughter and memorials

A single mouth cannot eat all your herbs
nor tongue taste all your spices and not flame
into praise like this, telling your july rain
and so we take them, one drop after another
one spell after another, growing as rivers
which make of your heart a sea of pearls;
a garden of roses sprouts collegiate canticles
in little stars, and shrubs, joyful and upright

As faithfuls, think it is christmas in the fields,
just as this day, all yours, of the sum and sun
of special gifts, magnificent and planetary
and none remains denuded and unclad
as the day of birthing, a most fragile bounty
but is adorned with orbs and light of seasons
for you, ibim, splendid ornament of the ages.

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