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As a Christian that I am, I am taught to preach, declare and talk positivity all the days of my life regardless of daunting challenges or what the devil might throw at me to shake my faith or my confessions changed and this is what I have been practicing since adulthood and I have no intentions of changing.

It is by choice actually if you decide to structure your life according to the dictates of the economy of the country where you leave or do business, but for people like me who have their foundations rooted in simply the word of God alone, ‘‘NOTHING DEY HAPPEN AT ALL’’.

When in 2015 I voted (having campaigned vigorously for Him) for President Muhammadu Buhari as my president, I didn’t campaign nor vote for a man who has no ability to take the BULLS by their HORNS regardless of who the owners or supposed owners of the bulls are, but I voted for a president who would TAKE DECISIONS on my behalf and not be answerable to all and sundry, going forth and back, so long as the decisions taken were for my good (I don’t know about you) and the betterment of my country, Nigeria.

I voted for President Buhari, a man whom I knew was going to take decisions to crash, crush and maybe crumble some people’s hold on Nigeria to pave way for the real development we’ve all been crying for since independence.

Just today, I read that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has started the arraignment of some oil companies, individuals and some staff of PPPRA who were alleged to be involved with what we knew as subsidy, which was actually a means where the rich through the rich, syphon government funds through illegal payment for un-imported and unsupplied petroleum products and some people wanted this to continue.
Some even asked why some people did not support the previous administration when she wanted to do exactly what this administration is doing now, but rather opposed it then till it failed and I was quick to say, IT TAKES ONLY A PRESIDENT AND COMMANDER IN CHIEF WHO KNEW HIS ONIONS TO DEVELOP A POLICY HE FEELS WOULD BE BENEFITIAL TO HIS PEOPLE AND STAND, DEFEND AND CARRY IT OUT COMPREHENSIVELY.

If former President Goodluck Jonathan understood like Buhari did, the reasons and benefits of this policy then and had stamped his foot on the ground for what he believed in, opposition may not have had its way then, but because he, himself wasn’t convinced amount the benefits embedded in the deregulation of the petroleum sector, he couldn’t see it through.

Coming back home, I am a Nigerian and I live in Nigeria and understand what a lot of us are going through, but look, I have no reason or reasons to complain at all and you know why?

I’ll tell us a story.

This year as I was making plans to host mothers to celebrate this’s years Mother’s Day, I said to myself that I would like to do what I had never done before, which was going on the largest TV Network in Africa though the NTA Network Service and the journey to actualize that started.

I wrote my proposals, sent them out, started talking to NTA and at various levels, I met brick walls that looked insurmountable and at some point, I was afraid I was gonna fail but I continued.
Few days to my program, NTA and her management in Abuja became tough on me because according to them, they didn’t know where I was coming from, who I was and what I was going to put on their platform for the public. All of a sudden, the request for ONE-HOUR LIVE I made was being turned down, with options of recording my program and bringing the tape for them to air at their own time was given to me and I said NO.

When the management of NTA saw the seriousness in my desire to use their platform LIVE, they increased the ONE-HOUR airtime that goes for between 2.5Million Naira and 3Million Naira to an astronomical 8Million Naira, all to scare me away but I was resolute.

The last time anyone used ONE-HOUR airtime LIVE on NTA was on January 1st and that person was our amiable Funmi Iyanda, who was given a 3Million Naira fee to pay and as at when I did my program on March 27th 2016, Funmi Iyanda I am told has not paid even the 3Million Naira the ONE-HOUR airtime was given to her for.

Finally, NTA refused that if I don’t paid 6Million Naira, my program will not be aired. At this time, I had made all arrangements, invited quality and qualified professional women and politicians alike and there was no going back for me (ofcourse, I would have sent apology notes across these guests and would have had the program canceled) but because I was determined to have my program on NTA Network Service as I had envisaged, I paid the 6Million Naira for a time Auntie Funmi Iyanda paid 3Milion Naira for and I was on TV.

I was made to write an undertaking that my CHEQUE would not bounce by NTA and graciously, it didn’t.

Now, was that experience convenient for me as a young entrepreneur? No, it wasn’t at all, but because I believed that my source and sustenance is from heaven, even though I ran a HUGE LOSS, I believed very strongly that I did the right thing by not allowing my dream of having my program aired across the country and beyond truncated by forces who didn’t know where my RELIENCE is basically.

So, if you are a Christian and still complaining, wailing and making noise about how bad the economy is, then I should search you thoroughly to know exactly whom you serve. If you serve the same God as I do, then you must understand that we don’t operate on the same platform with those whom we regard as unbelievers.

If the price of tomato like make em be 2pieces for 500Naira, the ability to purchase would be made available to us and we’ll even give others in the midst of scarcity.

One-thing I know for sure is that the policy on deregulation of the petroleum sector is a good one which would start yielding fruits soon, meaning that importers of petroleum products (men and women who are entrepreneurs like me) would now import the products with their own monies and not import 10 and claim 100 from Government.

I rely solely on God and in him, I am sustained forever.

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