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ANAMBRA ELECTION: This Is Why ''ANDY UBA'' Must Not Be Governor.

Andy Uba is a Senator of the Federal Republic, representing Anambra South senatorial zone and he is a man whom Anambarians can not ignore as he had served as Governor of the state before being removed by the court.

 Alot of times, people take politics and politicians in Nigeria very unserious as they portray such disposition that puts them in bad light before their people, showcasing then as people without human faces and human feelings and Andy Uba is one of those politicians in Nigeria with such a bad image.
 It is public knowledge that recently, Senator Andy Uba relocated or would we call it DECAMPED from the ruling PDP which was the platform he won election to represent his people at the upper chamber of the National Assembly and today, he is with the ruling APC, a party at the presidency and he is using the APC platform to woo Anambarians to have him back as their governor.

A few days back, Andy Uba picked the governorship ticket of the APC and in what seemed to be the norm with Nigerian politicians, have started the usual SHOW OF SHAME associated with politics of STOMACH INFRASTRUCTURE, going from one market to the other and in his deliberate desire to completely deceive the people, have started what Ekiti State governor, Ayo Fayose knows how to do best, EAT WITH THE POOR, those he had never connected with all his life.
When will these people stop? Must everyone do the same as Ayo Fayose? Andy Uba now eats with poor people? Buys corn on the roadside? Moving from poverty stricken place to the other, associating with the down trodden, people he ordinarily would never have gone to?

When will politicians like Andy Uba be shown the exit?
Is this what we are supposed to get from these people?
Are these guys being fair on us as citizens of Nigeria?
Who will stop politicians like Andy if not you and i?

Is this not SHAMEFUL?

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