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You know, last night as I was talking with a friend of mine who is a Yoruba man, it dawned on me that the leader of the recent agitation for Ndi-Igbo to leave Nigeria, Nnamdi Kanu coud be wasting his time trying to fight an already lost battle with NIGERIA when all he could do right now would have been to salvage Abia State as soon as he can with the kind of popularity his craze over Nigeria is galvanizing towards him.

 Abia State is verifiably the most poorly developed state in the whole of the five eastern states comprising of Imo, Enugu, Ebonyi and Anambra State and fixing that state to measure up to the standard of her sister states had become the most challenging venture in recent times and it is expected that being an indegine of the state, I mean, a prominent one at that, it is expected that CHARITY for Nnamdi Kanu should begin from home.

Furthermore, Orji Uzor-Kanu was governor of the Abia State between 1999 and 2007, Theodore Orji took over from him and was in that office for another 8 solid years and with these two, Abia was soooo impoverished and under-developed that it become a song not only in the whole of the South-East, but in Nigeria as a whole that nothing good can ever happen in Abia and today, Okezie Ikpeazu is in charging and we hopefully are looking forward to having appreciable development in that state.

What some of us who are Nigerians from the Igbo extraction want from Nnamdi Kanu is to step up his game, grab a party ticket, contest for the office of the Governor of Abia State and I promise you guys, HE WILL WIN.

Look, with the kind of patronage and popularity this guy has gathered in recent times amongst the very GULLIBLE youths in Igbo-Land, voting for him on any political platform at all won’t be a bad idea as I can assure you realistically that even if he comes out as an independent candidate (if we had such in our constitution), he will surely clinch the seat as governor.
This is what I wish he does, grab the opportunity come 2019, contest for the seat of governor of Abia State against the incumbent and sure, show us his leadership qualities that should endear him to us in the already failed attempt to be the President of the Biafran Country.

His Excellency, current governor Okezie Ikpeazu should by this bukkle up his style of leadership as come 2019 with Nnamdi Kanu maybe very tight for him to manage.

Abia State would be a better place to start from and I believe that if he is able to win and there-after uplight the state from the dungion she is at today without stealing a kobo of state funds, then some of us can start taking him seriously.

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