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BREAKING NEWS: Police Authorities About To Sack Officers Who Took Pictures With Nnamdi Kanu.

These pictures went viral when they came out as Nnamdi Kanu was seen in Obowo, Imo State on the 3rd of July 2017 with officers of the Nigerian Police joyfully taking picture in public.

If the news emanating from the Police Headquarters in Abuja is anything to go by, we have it on good authority that these Police officers are about loosing their jobs as they have been recalled, put under investigation and soon, maybe sacked.
This is because the authorities in Abuja felts completely embarrassed by the pictures which painted the Police Force in bad light before the Nigerian Government  and the International Community whose impression had been that the Nigerian government is not in support of what agitation by Nnamdi Kanu is totally uncalled for.
The four police officers are currently in Abuja being investigated and may very soon, face sacked, which according to findings, would serve as a deterrent to other officers of the Nigerian Police Force and other agencies of government who go out of their ways to carry themselves in manners that tends to paint the government in very bad light.

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