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In my state Imo, the only businesses that thrives in the political scene today are SYCOPHANCY, PRAISE SINGING, Social Media Blackmail and False Accusations/Maligning and these are the ventures majority of the youths in the state feed on and so long as there are those still patronizing them, this business will continue until a man with a completely free minded disposition towards opposition is elected in the state.

In IMO, so long as you have a political position, even as little as an ordinary COUNCILOR (which is non-existent in the state anymore), these youths will throng round you through what they call, COURTESY VISITS or whatever acronym they decide to use, go round your office and expect GRATIFICATION afterwards and this is their means of survival.

Now, there used to be (they have been overtaken by events) an association call OMC, now RMSMG (or whatever they are known as) in IMO state, made up with ABLE BODIED MEN AND WOMEN whose cut-out-assignment was to preach their own version of the gospel of IMO State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha and if by chance you have a contrary view or opinion about the way and manner things are ran in IMO, these guys will swing to action using both FAKE and real facebook accounts to write all sorts of false stories against you in order to COW you to silence.

This group was being championed SUPPOSEDLY by a certain Special Assistant on ICT to the Governor, who also doubled as THE CHIEF ERRAND BOY TO THE CHIEF OF STAFF, Uche Nwosu and had the mandate of the above stated as his major assignment in office.

When their usefulness was going out of fashion, a more capable hand to handle some more defined roles in that regard was recruited which got all the idle members of the OMC group completely scared and worried as their meal tickets was about going on suspension and trust them, THEY STARTED ATTACKING THE YOUNG MAN, who has a thriving movie producing business and others, in order to make those who employed him either retrace their steps or change their minds but the guy, NO MIND THEM AT ALL. I JUST LIKE HIM JAREEE!

They blackmailed him too with some of the things he had written against the governor and government in the past but you know what? He continued, pushing them aside and as I write, majority of these guys have all lost their voices one after another.

Now, a new SHERIFF is in town, so, THE NARRATIVE HAS TO CHANGE.

From Principal Secretary to SA, SOMEONE SHAAAA IS IN CHARGE SOMEWHERE and has got to make his own statement by building his own structures and so, RESCUE REPORTERS are in town, totally ERADICATING the former with more PROFESSIONALISM and POISE in the way and manner they go about their already defined business of same old, but more professionally written stories selling the governor, Rochas Okorocha.

So you see, ONE was there yesterday making mockery of that position given by only God.

Another is there NOW, hopefully, he won't go the way of the former, but with what I have seen so far, I am impressed with the way his people are carrying on now. They may change tomorrow, but for now, I prefer them to the other.

In life, CHANGE is the only thing that is constant, as people die and others are born on a daily basis.

In politics or government also, people go in and out of office and we must all learn to make effective use of our God given political positions not to COW others into oblivion.


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