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Ini Edo

Before now, when marriages crash, the individuals involved would quietly go their separate ways as it is seen a misnomer to make noise about failed unions but the case is gradually becoming different now.

These days, crashed or failed marriages are celebrated as though they are going out of fashion with the newest being the RETURN and COLLECTING OF BRIDE PRICES especially in Nollywood.

Yes, we know there is high proliferation of divorce, separation, crashes and so on happening in that industry with no marriage having immunity these days, but this BRIDE PRICE thing is one that has started and won't stop till everyone of them gets a bite of it.

It was actress, Ini Edo who brought the business of paying back Bride Price and this must be on record because, the Nollywood we all know would graduate in this new business venture that all of them, I mean all, would have a taste this pie as we move on.

When Ini Edo's marriage as second wife to her former husband (SHE OPEN EYE MARRY ANOTHER WOMANS HUSBAND) Philip Ehiagwina broke due to IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES ( nah wetin dem dey call am be that), next we heard was that the lady had gathered her people, went to the man's house and returned in completeness, the BRIDE PRICE paid on her head when she was MARRIED AS SECOND WIFE, making her the FIRST in Nollywood to introduce such in the movie industry.

Today, a twist has been given to it with the BRIDE PRICE paid on the head of actor, Tonto Dike by her now former husband, Churchill Olakunle was demanded for by Churchill's family members in other to have the union completely dissolved and their son, pulled out from the union.

As it was in Ini Edo's case, the father of Tonto Dike was on hand to return exactly the amount of money he collected from the Olakunle family as bride price and the union between his daughter, Tonto and Churchill was laid to a final rest traditionally.

Now, with Ini Edo setting the record by initiating this way of escape for her colleagues in the entertainment (Nollywood) industry and Tonto Dike following after her, ONE RETURNED and ONE COLLECTED BACK, it is expected (as it is customary of them to learn bad things fast) that before one says JACK ROBINSON, the business of collecting and returning of BRIDE PRICES will catch NOLLYWOOD LIKE WILDFIRE and there will be no stopping them anymore.

I see some actors, especially the females actors following this trend very soon to set themselves free from marriages that had broken down completely with no hope of amendment in sight.

So, let's congratulate Ini Edo for being the initiator and CHIEF MATRON of the BRIDE PRICE RETURN AND COLLECTION VENTURES IN NOLLYWOOD.

You watch out as this spreads through to all of them, both male and female.

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