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Senator Mustapha Sani Muhammed is a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, representing the good people of Niger-South Senatorial District of Niger State and he is here recommending an individual from the South-East by name, NWACHUKWU UGOCHI FAVOUR for employment with the Nigerian Immigration Service through the office of the Controller General.

What I like more here is the fact that the Senator sent just ONE NAME and that ONE NAME was the name of an IGBO GIRL whom he claimed to have known over a couple of years (ofcourse, I won't recommend you if I can't vouch for you nor stand as guarantor for you).
Is anything wrong with this letter again?
Not at all.
Why again?
Some of you know my position on things like this.
Why would I, Precious Eze be a Senator, House of Representatives member, a Local Government Chairman or even Counselor, SA, PA, SSA, name it, and I won't use my office and the LETTER-HEADS in my office to better the lives of people around me even when I know I could get results??
The problem with us here is that we are HIGHLY HYPOCRITICAL and it's not helping us at all.
Anybody who says what this man or the other man did is wrong is a DEVIL INCARNATE and I stand by this word, because if all this man can do is to use his Letter-Head to get jobs for people while occupying that position and doesn't do it, THEN HIS MOTHER MAY HAVE BEEN IMPREGNATED BY THE DEVIL HIMSELF.
Please give me these positions and watch me use them to better the lives of people around me.
I stand by these LETTERS please.
If your representatives are not doing this for you, then I'm sorry, but you may have to recall them one after another.
Meanwhile, I have called this 08033092439 put on this letter as that of Nwachukwu Ugochi Favour to speak with her on this matter but she didn't pick before this post.

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