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BREAKING NEWS; Miss Teen Universe Nigeria Is Brand Ambassador For Quincy Herbals.

The ‘‘Miss Teen Universe Nigeria’’ beauty queen, Precious Gabriel Usanga has just been appointed Brand Ambassador for all Quincy Herbals rang of health products.

 The Ambassadorial appointment which was announced by Dr. Mrs. Quincy Ayodele, Chairman/CEO, Quincy Herbals in Lagos recently would see the Teenage Queen appear on all Quincy Herbals promotional materials and commercials both here in Nigerian and across the world, especially in the United States of America, where Quincy Herbals has just struck a deal to officially in the US Amazon and as at now, Quincy Herbal’s ‘‘Detox Tea’’ is Amazon’s first choice.
 Miss Teen Universe International is a Beauty Pageant for teenage girls across the world aimed at promoting culture and tourism of participating countries and the pageant was first held in Nicaragua in year 2012.
In Nigerian, Miss Teen Universe Nigeria’s desire is to select a teenage-girl ambassador every year who would champion the cause of teenagers across the country, focusing on but not limited to Teenage Pregnancy and Abortion, Indecency Amongst Teenagers, Drug Abuse and Misuse, School Drop-Out Issues, Effects of Poverty to Teenager/Children, Child Abuse and other related issues associated with teenagers, both male & female.
 The Nigerian edition of the pageant was held in Lagos, Nigeria on March 12th 2017 and 18 years old ‘‘Miss Precious Gabriel Usanga’’ from Mbioto 1 in Etinan Local Government Area of Akwa-Ibom emerged winner as the Miss Teen Unverse Nigeria Queen for 2017/2018 calender year.
 Speaking on her choice of the Miss Teen Universe Queen as the face of her brand, Quincy Herbals, Dr. Ayodele says that it was her desire to further encourage teenagers and youths alike who are forwarding thinking that propelled her into making the decision to use Miss Precious Usanga when her name was brought to her notice, adding to the number of young people who are beneficiaries of her Youth Empowerment Initiatives that has seen her touch the lives of youths across the country and beyond, even as she expands beyond the shores of Nigeria, into the US Market.
 At Quincy she says, we pride ourselves as the number one in what we do and without sounding immodest, we strive to give back to society through support programs such as this to help put smiles on the faces of young people who see me as their role model and continously, we will do more to encourage as many as we can to live fulfilling lives.
Right now, I must say that we are being pushed more by God to invest in human capital than ever before as our business grows into territories I as an individual never envisage and with opportunities opening right, left and centre, we sure gonna do more for the people in our immediate environment.

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