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The business of banking in Nigeria is one that dwells more on the number of their customer base and the reach of their branch network across busy environments within and outside town.

First Bank of Nigeria Plc is one bank that has realiability as her watch-word and this is onething the give to their customers since they started operation in Nigeria in 1894 and it is a known fact that the bank is one of the biggest with the largest number of branch network amongst banks in Nigeria and they keep spreading, as the bank desires to keep making siure that banking services are given their existing and intending customers wherever they maybe.
 Oworoshoki part of Lagos is one area with huge density of people but the area doesn’t have a bank. Yes, the very busy large community in Lagos does not have a single bank build around her and the only ATM point located in the area operates once a weeking according to respondents
Realising this fact, the management of First Bank of Nigeria Plc decided to hit the road to Oworonshoki to help bring banking close to residents of the area by opening a branch of the bank on Oworo Road and that was when their trouble started.

The bank bought a property, reconstructed and refurbished and when it was time for them to move in, the Oba of Oworonshoki, Oba Bashiru Oloruntoyin Saliu, a man known for land-grabbing activities in the area, stepped in.
 Oba Bashiru Oloruntoyin we were reliably informed asked First Bank of Nigeria Plc to pay him the sum of Twenty Million Naira before the branch which was ready for take-off and when the bank refused or couldn’t pay the money, they were asked to stop operation or face the wrath of the Oba who is regarded as Lord in the environment 
 As can be seen, the premises of the bank is here laying fallow and nothing is going on here till First Bank is willing to pay the Oba of Oworonshoki, Oba Bashiru Oloruntoyin Saliu the sum of Twenty Million Naira for bringing business and employment to people of his community.
 One wonders why this still happens in this time and age especially in a city like Lagos that a bank would bring a bank to the dormain of an Oba and instead of grabbing the opportunity and maybe negotiate with the bank on how members of his community could benefit through job placements, he is busy asking to be bribed to the tune of Twenty Million Naira or leave the community, which First Bank did.
Such a shame you might say right? Yes, it’s a big shame that an Oba would bring himself to be at war with a corporate organization such as First Bank.

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