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On the 21st of May 2017, I was at the Oriental Hotels Lekki for the premiere of the most acclaimed movie, BUSTED produced by my darling sister, Lisa Onu with my cousin and his wife and something touchy happened between me and Actor, Musician, Drummist, Presenter, Compere, Dancer and Comedienne, HELEN PAUL and I would love to share.

As I walked to the Red Carpet and not being a Red Carpet person, I decided to stay behind the entrance of the main hall viewing all the Razzmatazz on the Red Carpet and as stood there, I saw HELEN PAUL walking towards my direction smiling and I looked back to see whom she was smiling at and couldn't find anyone and before I returned my head, she was in front of me and her words were, stretching out her right hand to shake me, good evening sir, my name is HELEN PAUL and I am your sister and I couldn't hold it, I just busted out with heavy laughter in excitement and laughed and laughed and laughed and I shook her and the gist started.

I mean, there was this video of hers in the US on Instagram where she said people were telling her of adding weight and she had to publicly ask her husband to come and do his job so the protruding tommy will be permanent for 9months and I teased her with it and for about 30months or more, Helen Paul was chatting with a total stranger she had only seen for the first time in her life and that SHOCKED ME.
For everyone's information, I had never been a fan of Helen Paul's brand of comedy, I only started following her when Jare was launched and I saw another side of her that surprised me about her enormous talents that are not being fully harnessed but coming to greet me at an event in this Lagos? Hmmmm, me, I no understanding ooooooooo.

My cousin too and his wife were shocked at that display by her and till today, Helen Paul never comot for their mouth.
Helen Paul doesn't and didn't know me.
Helen Paul hasn't met me before.
Helen Paul had never spoken to me before.

What exactly pushed her to come greet a completely total stranger??

Did she leave a lasting impression on me?
No, she didn't just leave an impression, HELEN PAUL left an EVERLASTING IMPRESSION on not only me whom she came to greet, but with my cousin and his darling wife too.

HELEN PAUL is an example of who a STAR should be and who a STAR IS.

How many entertainers in Nigeria today have the kind of inherent multi-phased reservoir of talents like Helen Paul??


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