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Nollywood Actor, Lola Alao’s Daughter Floats Foundation On ‘‘Child Abuse’’.

Nollywood's Lola Alao.
Nollywood star Actor, Lola Alao has joined her teenage daughter, Damilola to float the ‘Damilola Ogunlana Empowerment Foundation’ to launch a concerted campaign to raise awareness on Violence Against Shildren irrespective of their gender.

The campaign, Damilola Ogunlana Foundation will kick off with a walk on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 in Lagos and its called ‘Walk Today for the Child's Tomorrow" involving movie and music stars, will kick off at LTV8 Ikeja to Alausa Secretariat, Lagos.

The Damilola Ogunlana Foundation is responding to the incessant cases of child abuse reported daily in the media and to drum the support of all that it is a criminal act and everybody must be involved to condemn the heinous crime.

The campaign, initiated by the 14-year-old Damilola who has just secured admission to an American high institution, will address all kinds of abuse of the child- verbal, physical,  neglect, health and sexual as the campaign is keen on conveying the message strongly because of the importance and sensitivity of the issue of child abuse, especially at many homes, schools and on the streets.
Lola and daughter, Damilola.
In addition to the walk, she disclosed that the campaign will run on social media platforms, blogs and websites as according to her "We recognize the importance of the social media in our effort to increase awareness, engage and prevent child abuse in Nigeria, which is why we are doing this on these platforms.

Adding her voice, her mother, Lola Alao said: "We have identified bloggers and news websites and social media influencers that are committed to this lofty idea and ready to partner with us and while we commend the interests of the media in reporting cases of child abuse, we also want to plead that it desist from sensationalism and simplistic narrative, especially when the accused is a celebrity.

"With the support of my colleagues, it will form the central theme in a couple of movies before the end of this year and next year.
Lola Alao.
"My daughter, Lola says, is not in this journey alone, we have the support of public-spirited Nigerians, home and abroad, who, in clear terms abhor all forms of child abuse and identify with the drive to prevent it."

The Damilola Ogunlana Foundation will also ensure partnership with organisations with common goals and ensure the campaign reaches various parts of the country through the presentation of lectures, public enlightenment and educational activities for children and adults at

states, local government and communities levels.

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