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A House of Representatives member wrote the Director, Department of Petroleum Resources requesting that he considers a number of people under his care who are seeking employment and we are condemning that??

What was or is he supposed to do for the young men and women who flock around him joylessly expecting money from him all the time??
So, he would have kept quiet if there was a chance for him to help these ones get jobs with DPR??
In this his letter that is spreading like wildfire, did he put force on the Director??
How many of our POLITICIANS ARE DOING THIS FOR THEIR CONSTITUENTS and we still have unemployment everywhere??
I, Precious Eze had at different times sent messages and notes to people I know in positions of Authority to kindly help some of my friends get jobs or is the crime of this man because he is a Politician and occupying a position as Chief Whip?
If he doesn't do this, who will?
DID YOU GUYS NOTICE '''the number 6''' name on the list? AN IGBO NAME?
A CHUKWU EMEKA EZE being recommended for a job by an Hausa House of Representatives member? If this plea of his comes through, will Igbo people ask their son to reject it because it came through an Hausa man???
What is wrong with us here??
Why do we turn the truth on its head this way??
What crime did this man commit here?
That he wrote asking for his candidates to be considered?
Are the names on this list not Nigerians?
The families that would be affected if they get these jobs are they foreign families??
So, if this man sees an opening and have people to get the openings for, he should look the other way round because of what you and I would interpret his action to mean??
Is he not being proactive by writing to make this request if there are spaces for his candidates?
If you were him, what would have done differently?
I am very proud of this Nationalist member of House of Representatives, Hon. Alhassan Ado Doguwa for doing this.
I wouldn't have done anything different if I were in his shoes.
The only challenge I have with this letter is the fact that it was written by a Semi-Illiterate person who is his Senior Special Assistant.
I took note of the application numbers, meaning they all applied and instead of waiting, the Hon. member decided to use his brain. I would have done same for people around me if I had his position.

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