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About A Former Cross Rivers State Governor & His Attitude Towards Call Girls.

A normal outfit for Call-Girls.
The attention of Precious Eze’s Blog has been drawn to former governor of Cross Rivers State whose appearance would sell him off as a saint amongst Nigerian men, especially former governors and the way he treats women who are brought to have him calmed down and this is worrisome to us.

I personally am in love with that man because of some of the transformations he brought to the polity in Cross River when he was governor and the fact that non after him has been able to break the records of his achievements in office but, he has his very bad side of life which is, THE WAY AND MANNER HE TREATED call-girls around him then and maybe, now still.

I was in the midst of women here in Abuja and discussions ensued about who was better than others when treating women well is concerned among governors and past governors and a former Lagos State Governor carried the vote as the best when it comes to making sure that women are given what they deserved in politics and even outside politics when the real unwinding is concerned.

When the name of my darling former governor of Cross Rivers State was called, all the girls around became better, talking about how he treats women brought to him by his errand boys whose duty it was to DO ARRANGEE of girls for him anytime he needed to EASE HIMSELF and wish to do so with someone else who was not his very beautiful wife.

The story has it that after making out with any girl of his choice, he would refuse to pay and when the girls complain, his response would be, ARE YOU NOT PROUD AND BLESSED THAT A HANDSOME GOVERNOR OF MY TOUCH YOU TALK-MORE SLEEPING WITH YOU?

This former governor has some dealings with what Igbo people call OSIKAPA and is very handsome in its true sense.

He treated call-girls sooo bad that before he left office, he was almost puttiing his image to disrepute if not for the intervention of the Nigerian Association of Prostitutes whose leadership came and mediated and normalcy was returned.

Im still wondering where in this world being a governor was a ticket for getting FREE SOMETHING from women, even when the women expect that the thing suppose drop before of the position the client occupies and one would say because he is a governor and fine, then the thing should be free?


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