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BIAFRANS, Know Who Your Enemies Are----By Mike Umealo!

Between 1999 and 2017, Aba north and Aba south collectively received a total of N47 billion. Yes, you read it right, (Forty-Seven billion Naira) as part of their own Federal allocation. This is not part of their own IGR. But go to those two local government areas today and what you would see will either make you cry or curse someone or start a fight with anybody out of anger and frustration. Even the road leading to the best "Ulo Ashawo with umu Asa ri sharp" in Aba has falling into a state of "amaghi nke emere" or disrepair.

Then, it might interest you to know that within that same period, Abia state received a total of N337 billion. Yes you read it right. And if you use both old and new dollar rates, the money will still remain in dollar as billions.

Unfortunately, most of the people in these two local government believe that it is those in Abuja who mismanaged  or stole or misappropriated the money and not their three governors so far- Orji Uzor Kalu, the idol worshipper TA orji and his boy Dr Okezie Ikpeazu.

Instead, they would blame Obasanjo who has since retired, or blame Buhari who has consistently released all due Federal allocations to each state- they don't blame Yar'Adua and Jonathan because they love those ones and they don't blame the state governors because "they are their brothers." What nonsense?

But how can we solve our problems when we eat with those who hate us and then fold the table before those who love us?

Since it is not Buhari who failed to develop Aba North and Aba South for example, and since it is not the Hausas and Fulanis and Yorubas who received the money on our behalf and then failed to develop those areas, the right cause of action is to identify the embezzlers and proclaim them "Enemies of Abia."
And yes, they are our brothers, but they are the thieves; not Westerners and Northerners; these people have their own problems of embezzlement over there and of whether they want to deal with it or not, na dem know!

But we know who got all the alerts in Abia and we know those who impoverished Abia and Abuja is not primarily one of them! God bless. (MIU, Sept. 2017).

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