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HARRY-SONG: My Experience With Him.

Sunday, the 10th of September I a day I won’t be in a hurry to forget, exclusively for two reasons. One, my Auntie and Entertainment Writer, Azuka Ogujiuba of the famous ThisDay Newspapers officially launched her company, Media Room Hub (MRH)’s website, in Lagos which attracted the high and mighty in the society. I never knew she could pull through that day after attending the birthday of the wife of the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Lagos State, Mr. Steve Ayorinde.

The second part that WOWed me was my meeting with musician, HarrySong, whose manager, the famous (NAH STAR EM BE OOOO) Desmond Ike is my very good friend and like Auntie Azuka would always say, FRONG THE MEDIA JUNGLE.

Well, small me was seated in a corner and sighting me as they, Desmond and Harry Song walked in, came straight to where I was and first to hug me was Desmond and then, HARRYSONG CAME STRETCHING HIMSELF TOWARDS ME FOR A HUG TOO and I was totally amazed.
I only followed Harry Song because my friend, Desmond work with him. Infact, it was actually when I discovered he works with him that I started shifting base towards his kind of music and to be sincere, it wouldn’t have come as a surprise to me if he had walked pass me even with his manager greeting me. That’s what majority of these celebrities do, even the very UNSUCCESSFUL ones amongst them.

Celebrities with their wahala for the industry don tire me, but Harry Song appeared to be different amogst the crown and like they say, FIRST IMPRESSION MATTERS, which was what he created through his action to me. Even people wey just start music yesterday, when you hear what they do to even their friends because they have just one single being aired on radio, then you will appreciate when a Harry Song comes to greet a Precious Eze whom he may not have heard about (bcos I no sey this WICKED Desmond of a BOY will never tell him about me), then you will appreciate such jestures from people like him who are already making waves and going places.

HarrySong bro, keep this disposition up and please, don’t deviate, even when a Michael Jackson rises from the dead to endorse you, KEEP BEING YOU.

Meanwhile, have you guys visited today?

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