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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: In Nollywood, EVERYBODY IS ON HIS OR HER OWN, Actor----Stanley Igboanugo.

Stanley Igboanugo.

As the movie industry in Nigeria, popularly called Nollywood grows, alot of people are being gainfully employed to entertain the public through the prowess of their craft on our TV screens and one of those is young and vibrant actor, Stanley Igboanugo.

In this interview with "Precious Eze's Blog", he bares his mind completely on issues concerning the industry and other sundry matters.


Q: Can we have a peep into your background, I mean, when you started acting and how the journey has been so far?

I started acting in 2013, so far not great economically and welfare wise but I thank God as we are gradually making progress. 

Q: I’m sure your journey in the industry has not been without it’s ups and downs? What would you say has been your biggest challenge as you grew through the ranks to where you are now as an actor?

ANS: My biggest challenge is me and my purpose of been an actor, which is to be the best that I can be and impact people through quality interpretation of roles given to me by either producers or directors who see what the ordinary eye cannot see in me.
Q: The Stan Igboanugo I had known a little while now has transformed into a young man who through dent of hard-work is printing his name on the sands of time in Nollywood. How have you been able to remain steadfast even when some of those you started acting with may have fallen away or out of business?

Anytime I remember my purpose of being in the industry, which is making impact on lives, to engrave my name positively on earth and making money, I challenge myself to remain steadfast physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Q: Is acting paying your bills or are you into other businesses like some of your colleagues do?

ANS: Hell no! Yes am an estate manager and also deals on hand made foot wears; in general, I’m a business man. 
Q: Are there possibilities whatsoever that Nollywood is actually in a ‘‘LULL’’? I ask this because it is evident that the movie industry we knew is not the same as at now.

In a "LULL", fact. It is the lowest section presently in entertainment industry in terms of collective and individual growth.

Q: The number of your colleagues dying from different ailments is increasing by the day with majority of them not able to carry on with the financial challenges they face through sicknesses. Do you think that the industry and the players are doing enough to help movie practitioners when they are sick?

ANS: Anybody can fall sick and die, regardless of the profession, but regards to the financial aspect, the movie industry milks some of its stars their financial capability through poor welfare and artist fee. 
Q: Obi Madubogwu fell for Diabetics recently and in one of the interviews he granted before his death, he stated that all his colleagues he reached out to for assistance all snubbed him and never picked his calls till death. What do have to say about this and others like it?

Well I don't know anything about that. He did not call me and I never knew he was that down, Nollywood in most cases is what we call, OYO, On Your Own.
Q: Except for some of the movies being produced for the Cinemas by the likes of Mo Abudu, Kunle Afolayan and co, do you as a practitioner think that Nollywood can sustain itself with what we see today coming out of Asaba majorly and some skeletal productions from Enugu?

Great jobs for the cinemas, although some are wack, same applicable to Asaba movies, they have great ones too and many wack because of the business aspect of the movie. We must improve generally, we still not making movies yet.

 Q: The issue of finance has been the major challenge a lot of businesses are confronting with on a daily basis in Nigeria and Nollywood isn’t immuned. Is the industry able to source for funds to produce as much movies as you used to do before now?

Am not a marketer, but I believe the present situation of the country is really messing with the movie production big time. 

Q: The politics amongst members of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN is one big challenge bedeviling the growth of Nollywood today. As an actor, which makes you a stakeholder, are you pleased with the way crisis and in-fighting are gradually crippling the growth of the movie industry?

NO but thanks to God there was a reconciliation meeting the other day between Emeka Ike and Ibinabo Fiberesima, unity is all we want for a better AGN.

Q: What future do you see for the movie industry?

Awesome one. We getting better thank you. 

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