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KAMBILI OSADOLOR-EHIMA: The Screen Goddess Who Simply Is A Solutions Provider.

Kambili Osadolor-Ehima.
Have you met this woman of many parts?

Well, when I saw her the first time on AIT, she was Kambili Uba, the eloquent and very beautiful woman whose delivery of the news on TV would always keep viewers spell-bound till the end of the news.

Truly, I am a lover of television and surprisingly too, I keep tap on newscasters across all TV Stations especially the WOMEN amongst them to the extent that by hearing just a casters voice from wherever I am, I can tell you who she and sometimes, he is. This is something that comes easy for me and on AIT, there are just few of them whom I adore sooo much and Kambili is top among them. Me, I don’t like their male casters oooo, they don’t impress me at all.

Before I met her finally this last weekend when she came to pick up an Ambassadorial Award bestowed on her by the Naija Gel Entertainment’s MyMicMySwag African Awards, the 2017 edition, which was also the 4th in the series, she decided to inform her younger brother (ME) that she was coming to town and me, I had to make myself available to honour this woman whose philanthropy is second to none anywhere around the industry, especially broadcasting.

Kambili arrived Lagos and we moved to the award venue. Like it is customary with her, a challenge happened at the venue and she was on hand immediately to solve that challenge before attendees started coming in one after another. I mean, she turned water into wine at that venue that the organizer of the award couldn’t hide her appreciation of kind gesture from a woman with a heart flowing with milk and honey.

A woman with the heart of gold, the solver of other people’s problems, the giver of good things to the people, she feeds the less privileged, which was what spurred her into establishing “The Kambili Osadolor-Ehima Foundation” with the primary purpose of giving life to those who have given up on life and on the verge of going astray. The succor provider is what I call her and this is the best of names anyone who takes pleasure in taking care of the less privileged like Kambili should be called, for they help God continue in His business of touching lives.

For some of us who now know her very well beyond social media, we can attest to the fact that she is a woman whom you can’t go wrong being friends with and I wish that we have more people like Kambili Osadolor-Ehima around us, for with her kind at every sphere, especially in our political scene, Nigeria would have been far better that what we all envisaged.

Congratulations to you my elder sister on your Ambassadorial award ma’am and I pray that God will do for you, that which only HE can do.

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