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Lawyer Turned ''TAXI DRIVER'' Speaks On Why She Is A Taxi Drives.

Voke Ejenavi.
Voke Ejenavi is a Law graduate with a Masters Degree which she obtained to help enhance her chances of clinching her dream job in a reputable organization but, that was not to be as her efforts at securing a job proved very abortive and here she is today.

When like other graduates she didn't get the job she sought, she devised a means of helping herself out.

Voke’s determination to make something out of her situation made her take one of the most difficult decisions of her life as a young person and a woman for that matter and she took up taxi driving, a rare profession for women in this part of the world. Operating as a taxi driver under an online transport company called Taxify in Lagos not only made her popular but took her to all the nooks and crannies of Lagos.                    

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