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Nnamdi Kanu Actually RAN AWAY YESTERDAY?

I have said this times without number that when this whole being spearheaded by Nnamdi Kanu starts, he will be the first to run and this came to fruition yesterday when he ran for his life when the Military got to his house in Umuahia.

This is from a Nollywood Actor and Producer, Lilian Amah:
I have said time and again that those who beat the drums of war will flee to safe haven when the war starts because they have options. Their moronic followers will stay back to pay the ultimate price.

Nnamdi Kalu is a demagogue spewing treasonable nonsense brainwashing pea brained young men.

Elders of the land should weigh in now because we all stand to lose when the bomb explodes. Hitler did much of the same and doomed a whole generation.  People should temper their words, stop the blame game and stop spreading rumors.

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