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Nollywood Actor, Carz Chidiebere Blasts Nnamdi Kanu, Dares Him To A Fight.

Nollywood actor, Carz Chidiebere has come out strongly on the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnadi Kanu who according to the actor is leading the young Igbo boys astray by asking them out on the street to fight for what some of them would regret soonest.

According to Chidiebere, “For the first time on this Biafra struggle and agitations, I want to say a few words to Mr Nnamdi Kanu. Have it at back of your mind that Nigeria is too big for you to keep messing with, I don’t really know the people using you to create all these troubles, but I know that your aim boils down to cheap popularity”, so “Oga, stop feeling rude in the midst of the radicals. Even if Biafra will be actualized, it won’t be through someone like you whose kid and wife live abroad and delights in seeing others go through stress to make himself a redeemer, redeeming who”?.

Carz goes further, “Igbo youths should see that this man is being used by politicians and the senseless once will keep on dying in the name of IPOB. “My advice to you Mr kanu is to take back your weapons of war if you are so learned and educated, help the Nigeria government to make Nigeria better and livable place for all of us.

For me, Chidiebere says, “I love Nigeria, long live Federal republic of Nigeria, am in my palace come and beat me”.

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