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BIAFRA: Nnamdi Kanu Is Seen In London With Wife Shopping, WHAT HAPPENS TO THE DEAD?

Nnamdi Kanu and Wife in London recently.
Where are the very IDIOTIC and STUPID Igbo boys killing themselves over Biafra?

Those of them who were killed as they left their business to protest in their stupid desire to have a biafran nation?
Your lord is there in London with wife shopping while the blood of the dead were wasted and no one is talking.
See how gullible a single man made you guys look while he is busy pursuing his personal agenda?
Isn't it a shame that your leader who hitherto wore biafran attires is seen in London adorning a shirt, trouser and jacket?

When I wrote about how unsuccessful the agitation would be, the boys came after me like bees but as it looks right now, I am being vindicated after-all and I am very elated that this disgrace is happening in my time and i am alive to see him deviate from what he was clamouring for to being a RUN-AWAY leader.

Shame on you guys.

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