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BIAFRA: When Silence Is GOLDEN, The "Asari Dokubo's" Example.

When I was growing up, this line, "SILENCE IS THE BEST ANSWER TO A FOOL" reigned in the environment where i grew because, I was told never to fight nor quarrel with anyone, especially in public because, doing so would make you equally yoked with the person and I abided by that rule and today, nobody, living or dead can come out to say that he or she had had a fight with me either as a child, adolescent or now that I'm an adult.

Why am I saying all these?
Well, as I grew, I discovered how best to use the line quoted above. It is now, SILENCE IS GOLDEN and I think thais speaks alot of words especially to the very stupid indeed.

For some of you who may have been watching this man, Asari Dokubo make mockery of himself in public, both on YouTube and other social media networks, the question has been, WHY IS THE PRESIDENT SILENT ON HIM? I too asked that question and wondered till I realized that you don't fight with a pig, NO YOU DON'T.

Just yesterday, Asari Dokubo came out to publicly claim that the President, Muhammadu Buhari offered him N50Million Naira to betray Nnamdi Kanu and his now proscribed IPOB organization and I asked myself what it is exactly this guy smokes?

President Buhari trying to bribe an Asari Dokubo to betray Nnamdi Kanu when he (THE PRESIDENT) knows, as a military man, how to deal with the Nnamdi Kanu issue and seriously, he has dealt with it?

But my joy is that in all his stupid folly, the president's silence has simply told him how very big a FOOL he is and I'm certain the childish old man would never realize what the silence on him by Mr. President means.

N50Million Naira indeed.

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