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GENEVIEVE NNAJI: Remaining Single In A Divorced Society.

Genevieve Nnaji.
The Nigerian entertainment industry, especially the movie industry is reputed to have been bedeviled by a lot of marriage clashes here and there, though with a few successes recorded by those of them who made up their minds to remain married against all odds, or those who are just managing to push and not willing to be counted.

In 2017 alone, not fewer than 5 marriages have crashed and this may increase because, the more some of them try to patch things up, the more the ends-loose.

But amongst these practitioners is one lady who is not ready as it were to be counted and she isn’t kidding about her desire to remain single for the better part of her life, while maintaining a lot quitness about some her relationships.

In May 2018, Africa’s number one star actor, Genevieve Nnaji would turn 39, I mean, one year before clocking 40 and there is nothing like marriage in her dictionary, atleast not for now and this is hinched on the fact that the single mother of one, who has never been married has come to understand that as star, expectations of marriage would be too much an her and therefore, decided to keep everything about marriage and popular relationships at bay.

At 39 and still single you may ask? Well, it her choice and with the high prolifiration of marriage crashes in Nollywood, one would be forced to advice that Genevieve stays single before she rubbishes herself before one man who would like to latch on her image and popularity for cheap gains and dump her when she refuses to play according to his rule.

What would Gevevieve be looking for in marriage that she doesn’t have?
Money, children, etc?

Truth is, some of the things women marry for are the things that come easily for her and going into marriage because of these things would mean that in a short while after, she should be heading out like others.

For a woman with an over 20yrs old daughter, reputed to be the number one entertainment export from Africa to be rubbished by one man who would love her for being a star and would want to strip her of that stardom after marriage would be suicidal.

So, let Genevieve enjoy her single-hood, train her daughter to the best of her ability while keeping her name for her family instead of going in and out of marriage anytime soon and be counted among the pack. 

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