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I Have Only Had Sex With My Wife, And None Other All My Life — Bashir Babale, Member, House Of Representatives.

Hon. Bashir Babale.
The Member representing Minjibir/Ungogo Federal Constituency of Kano State in the House of Representatives, Bashir Babale, has come out to stand as challenge to men across all length with his life story of faithfulness to just his wife and none other.

The Honourable said in an interview with the Punch that he is very faithful to his just one woman and that woman is his wife, whom he claimed was his first and only love, even when he knows that as a Muslim, he is at liberty to marry more than two wives.

Hear him.
“You are correct! I am not after women. I have never put a girl to bed apart from my wife. I don’t know any other girl or woman apart from her.

See, I did not start being faithful today. I had all the opportunities 20 years ago as the President of the Student Union Government in the higher institutions. I travelled everywhere in Nigeria to all university campuses. Girls offered themselves for free, but I just felt that it is against the ethics of my religion, I never had any till I got married to my wife and I am very faithful to her till date.

When asked if he will marry more wives as Islam encourages, Hon. Babale had this to say.

“Yes, I can marry another wife. What I am saying is going after another woman outside or on the streets, no. Being polygamous is a different issue. My father had two wives and I can go for four if I have the means. I can’t go after a woman who is not married to me, I haven’t done that and won’t start now.

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