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My Experience With "SUNLIGHT" Dish Washer ---- By Precious Eze.

For friends and family who are close to me as a man, they know that I do not joke with food, especially cooking, which is one of my age-long hobbies that has refused to let me be as I enjoy not only cooking, but also experimenting with food in the kitchen.

One-thing I don’t take for granted is the kind and brand of dish washer I use in cleaning my pots, plates, spoons and other kitchen utensils that I use and I go out of my way to buy the brand I felt before now was the best dish washer until I tried another that WOWed me beyond my imagination.

The dish washer I had in the kitchen finished and as I went shopping for replacements and in my desire to have something new, I took a bottle of the old one and then picked one of Sunlight, which ofcourse, I had never used before as a faithful customer to a particular brand.

I left the house for a two days journey and as I was leaving, I brought out a plate of stew, took a little out of it for launch and forgot to return the remaining one back to the fridge and before I returned, it had gone sour. Yes, sour because it wasn’t refrigerated and smelly too.

When I entered the kitchen on my return, I saw the remaining stew already swollen and smelling and the only dish washer remaining was Sunlight and for the first time, I opened it and dropped a little into the already empty bowl and immediately I put the sponch into the bowl to wash, to my greatest shock, both the oil stains and the smells in the bowl of the stew all vanished.

I sincerely wouldn’t be doing this for no other reason other than to say that I am now hocked on the Sunlight Dish Washing Liquid, especially the one with Real LEMON Juice, for it works magic and though I don’t appreciate magic, this one worked on me and as it is customary of me, there is no looking back anymore because, I will try all the other variances of Sunlight on the shelves and come back to give you guys feedbacks on my findings.

UNILEVER Nigeria Plc finished work for this product.

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