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Onyeka Onwenu Visits The Nigerian Prisons, Gifts Them With Items As Was Led By God.

Onyeka Onwenu.
It was a bright and sunny day on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 as a group of women philanthropists led by Nigeria’s renowned music icon, Onyeka Onwenu visited the Badagry Prison in Lagos on an outreach to hundreds of children incarcerated in the adult prison.

Earlier in 2017, a moving story by one Ayomide Odekanyan went viral on Social Media where the author recounted a visit by the Lagos State Chief Judge, Justice Funmilayo Atilade to the beachside prison and had hoped to free 28 underage inmates at the prison, but, she met “hundreds of hungry and unkempt children, displaying varying stages of disease and neglect”.

“Held deep in the dingy cells of the prison among the convicted murderers, armed robbers, rapists, and the likes are also children and teenagers serving sentences for various offences ranging from petty theft to wandering and even street hawking,” Adekanyan’s haunting piece read. “The horror within the Badagry Prisons cells is better imagined.”

When music legend, Onyeka Onwenu read Adekanyan’s report in August 2017, she decided to intervene on behalf of the children who had found themselves held by the state in a prison meant for adults. She began to organise to visit the children and do whatever she could to bring their plight to the attention of the authorities.

Consequently,Onyeka was joined at the prisons by some members of the Christown Platform, a Christian Whatsapp Group founded by the music legend, members of Prison Outreach Department of the Fountain of Life Church, two of her friends, Mrs. Chinelo Egbuna and Mrs. Violet Obiora, a team of doctors from an NGO, Healthy Pink Initiative Services, and two officers of Ztalion, an NGO and they presented 240 mattresses, biscuits, medical supplies and drugs to the inmates of the Badagry Prison.

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