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Palace Crisis, The Movie That Will Thrill You To The Marrow.

This movie is all about twin sisters who got married to the same man, a king’

Infact, the marriage was initially between one of the sisters, when they couldn’t have children, the sister advised the husband, the king to take another wife and suggested her own twin sister and the king, out of the love they shared, agreed and that was the beginning of their issues.

One of the twins, who came in last conceived immediately, had a son and afterwards, the first wife conceived as well and had her own son a few months apart.                      
Nollywood Act, Prince Paris Ononiwu.
The son of the first wife became wayward, and as the black sheep of the house, took to drinking, smoking and other vices that threatened the peace and tranquility in the kingdom till he was arrested, cautioned, forgiven and love returned.

Produced by OC Kings Productions, Palace Crisis stares Joyce Kalu, Harry B, Prince Paris Ononiwu, Benson Okonkwo, Ugo Doris, Oyii Okafor and the likes of them.

Palace Crisis is a movie for the whole family.

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