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PRINCE PARIS ONONIWU: Great Potentials, Great Actor, Taking Nollywood By Storm With His Acting Potentials.

Prince Paris Ononiwu.
Nollywood Actor.
One of the major blessings of the movie industry in Nigerian, popularly called Nollywood is the opportunity she gives to young people to express themselves and their innet potentials without limitations, creating platforms where individually, they are consistently available to be tapped into.

The number of young talents being churned out on a daily basis from movie locations across Nigeria is one area that the world should celebrate Nollywood for, atleast, for their ability to bring out hidden potentials in youths, who hitherto would have been in other professions that won’t offer them satifaction and happiness which doing what you love to do offers.

One of the gains of Nollywood in recent time is this actor whose fans praise for his ability to give life to scripts and roles given to him while establishing himself a force which can’t be ignored in an industry that has competition as it’s striving force, delibrately making them give in their best for sustenance amongst their peers in the industry.

He is, Prince Paris Ononiwu, though still not in your face as one of the very noticable ones, but he is amongst those whose acting abilities are gradually opening doors for, establishing and sustaining in a huge sector like Nollywood where extra efforts are made by the upcomers to prove points of their acting abilities.

A graduate of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Imo State, Prince Ononiwu started acting in 2014 where he made his debut in the movie which relaunched now very popular actor, Queen Nwokoye, Ada Mbano, a local drama that showcased the hidden potentials of local youths and with his very evident display of talent in the movie, the sky has only been his limits.

With his certificate in Urban and Regional Planning, building himself into character has not been a lot of issues as what is required of him as an actor is to establish his understanding of a particular character in a script and then, put himself into the character and off he goes to give life to that character, bearing in mind that he has an audience to entertain and most set himself and his talents in motion to deliver seamless presentations that shows how beautifully talented he is.
Paris Ononiwu.
Prince Paris Ononiwu says, “What my first movie, Ada Mbano did for me in 2014 was to open the doors of opportunities that I’m still exploring today, as with my display of character as the son of Senator Adams in that movie, a lot of people came to the realization that my potentials are yet untapped and that’s how this journey you see today started”. Ada Mbano opened for me, other opportunities in the industry, with script coming in more regular than expected for a then new comer.

When asked what his aspirations are in the industry, he said, “My major desire right now is to explore other areas of acting that I haven’t explored yet by making myself svilable for more challenging roles that will further stamp me as one actor with diverse skills in acting”. What this will do for me is that our dear producers and directors would come to the full realization that in Prince Paris, are pottentials that can fit into any role and deliver with uptimum satifaction of the audience in mind and from there, the sky will only be my starting point.

What I have done for myself so far in the industry, Prince Paris Ononiwu continues, is to give myself to learning and corrections where I make myself available to be tutored by those who had been here before me, learning and moving through the ranks as this is the only way an actor can allow him or herself for full exploration of their talents by those in whose hands are the magic wand to make you the star you so much desire to be.

Ofcourse, it will be suicidal for anyone to say that in Nollywood, there are no challenging nor has ever faced one. So, when asked, Prince says that in every profession, there are challeneges perculiar to that particular profession and so it is with Nollywood too. Challenges like being decasted for a movie one had previously been casted for, though very demoralizing, but in most cases, it is the director of a movie that understands who it is that will deliver his ideas very well and if he feels this actor he had chosen may not be perfect for a particular role, he reserves the right to make changes and this is why some of us should strive not to be stereotyped in other not to kill a lot of other talents embedded in some of us. Take up more challenging roles, push yourself to the limit, explore other personalities other than the one you’ve been known with and for, slug it with new roles and I tell you, this is what I have been doing since 2014 that I came it, though not impressing initially, but it is working for me now.

A good singer, Prince is and says that he may have taken up a career in Music if he weren’t an actor, even though his dad never supported his forey into the entertainment industry as it is with fathers, who usually are of the opinion that those we see on Television are very unserious people, but that is changing as his father is watching his movies and now is becoming one of his major fans and critic.

It is evident therefore that Paris Ononiwu as an actor who has come to stay and it is expected of him to continue to give in his best as this is his green card to rising through the ranks as he is doing right now to becoming one amongst the first 20 actors in Nollywood. 

When asked about his relationship, the evidently very proud Prince was quick to tell us he was in a relationship and happy with his former wife, German based Rita Ononiwu, whom he told us was a pillar of support any man could ever pray when the relationship lasted.

His supposed relationship with Rita was supposedly consummated traditionally on the 13th of January, 2017, after the introduction was carried out according to Igbo traditional rites in August 2016, a union that has gone sore.

Rita we were told was a beautiful lady whom he, Prince Paris Ononiwu had a relationship with after his parents and family members welcomed her entrant into their family with open arms.

We at "Precious Eze's Blog" will bring you all the gist in pictures when the duo decide to blow all of us with their white wedding, which we now believe would never come to fruition, as time as taken care of that situation.

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