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SOMADINA ADINMA: The Child Of Yesterday, Is Man Today.

SOMADINA before & now.
Can anyone of us remember how our yesterday was or for lack of better words, have planned what our tomorrow would look like from yesterday? Even the very rich amongst us would build structures on water for their children and in a twinkle of an eye, some before their very presence, all they laboured for would vanish out of share recklessness on the part of both the parents and the children sometimes.

Tomorrow is an inevitable factor that plays a major role in what shape and size our individual lives take and if we don't allow ourselves freedom of exploration, we would end up fighting to get all there is to get and having non as long last.
Somadina Adinma.
Somadina Adinma is one of those whom I believe alot of people are still very surprised about his growth in the Movie industry with even I not knowing he was gonna still be here till today because, he probably would have thought that whatever life brings his way would be welcomed as there maybe other means of survival even if the door of Nollywood closes against him, as it has done to some of his colleagues whom he grew with or knowing in the industry.

Today, Soma is gradually becoming a force to be reckoned with among his peers, especially those whom started with playing children in the industry, then justling between school and work, making sure he graduates and finally, trusting that his little space isn't taken before making a full come-back to the industry. He has been, not lucky, but blessed to have had his door left open for him, a feat majority are still fighting to regain, but HIS face has been on him and today, the child we knew, is a man, traversing through roles of diverse depth and interpretation that sometimes shocks his audience as to how THAT CHILD is now able to give life to characters given to him, better than he had ever done.
Nollywood to some of us who are close can be best described as what we call, "DOG CHOP DOG" with no loyalty, no friends/enemies and no trust. The movie industry in Nigeria is such that an actor would take a walk to drink water from a set, those on the same set with him or her would immediately start the killing of such a character, especially between those the actor may think are his friend. Your friends in Nollywood are actually the people who would tell a director looking for you that you are either on a hospital bed or that you had traveled to KUTUWENJI, a journey of no return, so you don't get a particular script written with you mind. It could simply have been God who orchestrated the staying strategy for Somadina and nothing else would best describe it other than GRACE.

As a child actor, he was very exceptional. Now an adult, when you see any of his movies, you will be thrilled.  Good as he may have been, I am told that he is one chap whose head is continually kept bowed in respect for his senior colleagues which maybe the reason for his rise so far and fast in the industry with scripts flying here and there towards his direction.

What if anyone had despised him, taken his humble beginning for granted or taken him for granted in the past because of his age and size?

This child we knew yesterday, is today taking over the scene and if at any point in time the people we see now retire, this is one young man who would take their space and will sure maintain the space with his cool-headedness.
Somadina has a Diploma in Co-operative Economics and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Theatre and Film Studies from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Unizik, Awka, Anambra State.

He started started acting at age 7 and has movies like, Love & Oil, Weeping Flower, Miss Teacher, Flash of Pain, Mma my Love and many more to his credit.

According to him, some of his role models are, Harrison Ford, Kevin Hart, Mike Ezuruonye and Yul Edochie.

He says he is a jack of all trade who loves traveling, making friends and making money as his hobbies.

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