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WHAT IS THE FATE OF TSTV, As FOX Network Group Denies Agreement With Them?

To tell Nigerians the truth, I was one of the very few who came out to state categorically that I had my doubts in all the bumper promises being made by the newest entrant into the PayTV business in Nigeria and a lot came for my head as though I said something that had never been said before.

It was evident that there were either half truths or outright lies in all the things they claim to have brought in with the TSTV platform, among which was the fact that they claimed to have had agreements signed and sealed with the parent company and owners of FOX Television Channels, FOX Network Group, (FNG), which would see them carry their channels in Nigeria.

This has been strongly refuted as FOX Network Group (FNG), owners of the FOX television Channels, has denied that it has any agreement with new pay-television service provider, TSTV, to carry its channels in Nigeria.

The position of FNG was made known in a statement issued on Thursday, which was  signed by Jeremy Griesel of Jeremy Griesel Communications on behalf of FOX Network Group Africa, TSTV’s advertisement of FOX channels on its platform is inappropriate.

The statement reads, “Despite advertised claims regarding FOX channels, FOX does not have any agreement with TSTV regarding distribution of channels, but remains confident that TSTV will normalise the situation prior to the launch of its service to ensure the consistency between platform content claims and subscriber expectation,” FOX said.

I mean, how does anyone claim what he doesn’t have yet in preparation to having them while pushing the publicity around it as though they have them?

Is this how TSTV which to service Nigeria better than the platform we all already know?

Similarly, TSTV had been the subject of two disclaimers issued by Turner Broadcasting System Europe, which distributes American news channel CNN, and beIN, the Qatar-based entertainment and sports content owner.

Both wrote to TSTV to desist from making claims it had agreements with them to redistribute their respective content and threatened legal action if it does not.
They also warned against the use of their logos on any of TSTV’s promotional materials.

A prospective customer like me, that is, if I would ever be, would want to know if TSTV is not dead on arrival with all the baggages it is carrying about with it? 

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