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BIAFRA: What Has ‘’Senator Ike Ekweremadu’’ Brought To Igbo-Land As Deputy Senator-President For 10 Years??

Ike Ekweremadu.
When Igbo people clamour and make noise over their claim that they are being marginalized in Nigeria, people like me would laugh at them with sooooooo much disdain and total surprise that these people are channeling their God-given strength in the wrong direction as I am and have always been of the opinion that Igbos are their own enemies anytime, any-day.

The current federal government being led by President Muhammadu Buhari is about 3years old, taking over from the Goodluck Jonathan’s Administration that was bedeviled by spendings that have neither been justified nor can ever be justified as all the revenues accrued to Nigeria under the administration of Goodluck Jonathan were all carted away by those who worked for that government.

Now, the subject under focus here is Senator Ike Ekweremadu, member and Deputy Senate President of the Nigerian Senate and was elected Senator, representing the people of Enugu West in the year 2003, meaning he has been in the Senate for 14YEARS, and has been the DEPUTY SENATE PRESIDENT for 10years.

Ike Ekweremadu was Deputy Senate President to Senator David Mark for 8years and now Deputy to Bukola Saraki for about 2 years and the BIG QUESTION IS:


How would he justify his stay in the senate the 14YEARS, 10 YEARS of which he has been the NUMBER 5TH CITIZEN IN NIGERIA and Igbo people are still crying MARGINALIZATION!?

He served 8years under the administration of Goodluck Jonathan, a Man said to be an Igbo man for the purpose of winning the 2015 general elections with lies fed the average Igboman that that administration had turned around the fortune of the region and now, Who is the MUMU?

In 2002, Ekweremadu was appointed Secretary to the Enugu State Government, before that time, he was Chairman ofAninri Local Government Area 1997 and according to reports, won the Best Local Government Chairman Award in Enugu State at the time. He was also the Chief of Staff of the Enugu State Government House.

Ike Ekweremadu became a senator when Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was still President in 2003, stayed through to Umaru Yar’du, through to Goodluck Jonathan and nothing was done the Ndi-Igbo in all these years of PDP I’m nigeria and now, Biafra Boy are busy gallivanting all over the place claiming what can never happen.

So, shouldn’t the Independent Peoples Of Biafran boys, hold people like Ike Ekweremadu to ransome and hold him till he gives account of all the monies he has collected from the Senate, plus all the Trillions of Naira constituency projects allocations and so on? Then we will really know who the REAL PROBLEM OF NDI-GBO is?

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