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BIAFRAUD: A New Leader Has Emerged To Continue From Where Nnamdi Kanu Stopped & Ran Away.

Iyierioba Uzoezie.

He says his name is “Iyierioba Uzoezie” the stark illiterate who says he is the new leader of Biafra, calling for the boycott of the November 18th governorship elections in Anambra with a threat that there will be war if the election holds.

Iyierioba & Nnamdi Kanu.
In a video broadcast, he asked Igbos to stay home on the day of election, warning that if anyone tries coming out to vote, whatever that person sees, would be his or her portion.
Tell Willie Obiano that if election hold in Anambra state i will quit for agitation of Biafra and join one nigeria. Obiano send your battalions of soldiers for securities purpose but if election hold successful in Anambra state know that  i am not Iyierioba retired Christian born again traditionalist onye ogo muo .Biafrans don't worry you will see what will happened on 18th i have started my journey invoking the spirit of our ancestors the parties will start killing each other that day any person that come out to vote will be a sacrifice mack my word okwu onye ogo muo. Obiano will cry and run out of the country mack my word okwu onye ogo muo. Anyi ga ama mbe na abo nke bu oke ogu eji ofo anu muo na mmadu so anu ya. My ancestors muo mu na ejere ozi na muo na ejerem ozi must disgrace obiano on 18th November .Agam egwu mmiri na asaaa ghaa ikpa na asaaaa ghaaaa mba na asaaa if election hold i will drink acid tell him that the battle is not about  guns and bullets those innocent people he killed will fight him that day. Wonderful people of Biafra please sit at home maka ndu gi only Biafra will save Africa only Biafra will save me and you Biafra is our last hope.Willie obiano is a criminal that idiot must fail udo diri unu.

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