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Have You Heard That A ‘Wonder Baby’ Was Born With Healing Powers In Akure?

Samuel, the miracle baby.
Simply referred to as ‘Daddy Samuel’, the baby born in Akure, the Ondo State capital, has turned the residence of his parents into a miracle healing centre, with people from far and near  besieging their home on a daily basis to seek spiritual assistance from the two month-old baby said to have spoken in the cradle – two weeks after birth.
According to the parents of the boy, Samuel was born with a bunch of leaves bonded by a strand of hair, was said to possess a special healing power, as the father, Mr Olusola Ajayi, said: “My wife gave birth on the 28th of August after a bunch of leaves came out of her womb and we were amazed after he began to talk, charging us to proclaim the coming of the Lord to the world.”
We had tried several times to abort this baby when my wife conceived him due to economic situation in the country, which has affected us tremendously, Mr. Ajayi said, but the whole attempts made failed and here we are today with a miracle child that has turned out a blessing to my home.
Speaking in the same vein, Pastor Gabriel Oluwadamilare of the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) Shalom Parish, Ikorodu, Lagos described the baby as a true messenger of God, saying that the circumstances surrounding the birth of new born baby also happened in the Bible.

Oluwadanilare went further to say, “I actually came to see the glory and I have no doubt about it. My stand is that what happened is true because nothing is impossible for God to do. “I have come to seek spiritual solution in respect of a lady who has visited several hospitals in Lagos over bone problems in the last five years. “There is nothing fetish about the boy coming to the world with a bunch of leaves, it is just a sign from God,” the pastor noted.

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