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I NEED YOUR HELP SO MY HUSBAND WILL NOT DIE, Veteran Broadcaster, Ify Onyegbule Cries Out.

Ify Onyegbule.
I have been getting calls and messages trying to confirm and reconfirm an earlier post I made about our predicament and someone actually called to confirm if it was from me or my facebook account was hacked!

Let me say here that it is truly me and my husband is ill. He fell in September and there was a need to go for a thorough medical check-up. It was during this all round check that it was discovered that his kidneys had suffered trauma (using the Doctor's words) and we were told that the compromised kidneys was one of the reasons he was falling in and out of illness.

He is hypertensive and currently diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease and also taking treatment for Rheumatoid arthritis.

The Doctors recommended weekly E/U/CR checks and 3 sessions of dialysis weekly to keep him relatively stable while awaiting a Kidney transplant that he desperately needs.

It's been tough having to deal with the health challenges. Hypertension, Rheumatoid arthritis and the Chronic Kidney Disease.

Doctors have been doing so much to keep the blood pressure steady, deal with the arthritis that is making mobility difficult and also find ways to regulate fluids in the body since the kidneys are compromised.

It is costing so much to do dialysis weekly plus administer his medication and run tests because at every point in time we need to know what's going on inside his body so samples taken to run a number of tests to stay abreast with levels of urea and creatinine.
Ify with her husband in the hospital.
As it is now, dialysis has to continue until we can raise funds for a Kidney transplant in India.

Doctors have said that a transplant is the answer to solving all the poking on the body to fix the lines for dialysis 3 times weekly, something that that could cause infection and limb damage.

We require at least N15million for the transplant plus medication for supportive care of his condition.

I am asking that you assist me as I raise funds to tackle this health challenge!

Time is of the essence and your help is truly appreciated.

The Bank details are:
Ify Onyegbule
Zenith Bank 1002133134

I can be reached on 08026265478 for further enquiries!

Kindly share if you feel up it!

I appreciate you all.

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