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Nollywood Actor, Jim Iyke Ordered To Pay N15Million Naira To Hajia Habiba Abubakar By An Abuja High-Court.

Jim Iyke.
These are not the best of times for Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke as few days after revealing what transpired between him and prophet TB Joshua on account of taking his mother to his church, an Abuja High Court has ordered him to pay a whopping sum of N15.7million to Hajia Habiba Abubakar, a former friend of his who helped him during his mothers ordeal with sickness.

In the lawsuit, Hajia Habiba Abubakar said that: “I met Iyke when he approached me to help his sick mother. Along the line, he asked me to invest in his clothing line, and I obliged him and invested N16m but it turned out to be a fraud.”

“I run a charity organization called Elderly and the Poor, a self-sponsored charity organization. Jim Iyke needed help for his aged mother who is crippled by leg problems and high blood pressure and now bed-ridden. We took her to both England and India.”
Hajia Habiba Abubakar.
“We were told what was wrong with her and how much her hospital stay for knee replacement will cost my charity in UK and we have a policy for money, so we decided to take her to India in first class because it’ll be cheaper there, attached are tickets, photos as exhibit.”

“Jim told me he has been on the street since age 11 and that he had no childhood. I cried, because I had a son of that age at that minute. It was really heart breaking. But I realize now that you can take a person off the street but you can’t take street off the person, no matter what you do.”

There are indications though that there will be some kind of settlement soon between them.

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