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NOLLYWOOD: Doris Simon Spearheads The Movie On Girl-Child Education.

Doris Simon.
Nollywood actors, Doris Simeon, Christian Paul and Carol Lee Erhabor stars in the New Movie on the Girl Child Education, HANNATU.

The storyline.
She is the only child of Mr. Bewarang an old school teacher and Mrs. Bewarang, a house wife, who has lived all their live in Kaduna and wanted their daughter and only child to get educated and as a teacher, Bewarang believed that education is the only legacy that guarantees a bright future for their daughter.

Due to challenges that comes with life when it is least expected and their inability to cope with the financial demands, the Bewarang family had no choice but to send their only child, Hannatu to a couple whom they trusted and believed will assist in educating their only child and that their dream of educating her will be realized, at least, this is all they wanted, a future better than theirs.

Though very painful, they had no choice but to make the sacrifice, the sacrifice of parting with her and eltting her live without her smiles in the morning and no one to call them, Mama, or Papa just like a barren couple, but they had to bear it all.

Hannatu had to live her parents at the age of 14 when most of her peers were still enjoying the love of their parents and left Kaduna with her foster parents to Lagos with the sole suppose of getting a better life and her sojourned into the unknown began.

A life of abuse, sexual attempts and psychological torture in the name of wanting to train her, Hannatu had to live a life of constant abuse, pain and torture all in a bid to be educated.

The challenge of educating the girl child is still on the increase, and some of the trials and challenges that comes with it are some of the scenes captured in the new movie, Hannatu. The movie is produced by Truerise media to showcase the plight, dangers and challenges some parents go through in an attempt to train their children, most especially, the girl child, produced by Desmond Shepherd, directed by Best Okoduwa and stars Greg Ojefua, Doris Simeon, Christian Paul, Carol Lee Erhabor and introducing Anita Udoh as Hannatu.

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