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Tonto Dikeh In “RETROSPECT”, I Don’t Want To Be ETERNALLY Single Like Genevieve Nnaji Waiting For An Igboman To Marry Me.

Genevieve & Tonto.
Trust our darling number one star, Genevieve Nnaji not to respond to such insult by anyone who questions her decision to remain single, atleast for now, nor even challenge the person’s view about her and how she decides to leave her life.

So, that was how Genevieve handled fellow actor, Tonto Dikeh who opened her WIDE MOUTH, the same that has and is still putting her into troubles round the clock to claim that it’s not worth it waiting for an Igboman for marriage, alleging that if she waits for an Igbo man, she would remain eternally single like Genevieve Nnaji.

Well, she supposedly denied making such a statement and publicly apologized to Genevieve for such an insulting post, but entertainment watchers were of the opinion that if she never said a thing like that, WHY APOLOGIZE to Genevieve to clear herself? All she could have done would be to deny, stating her case and not APOLOGIZE. You only apologize when you know you are wrong.

Another matter that confused some of us was that almost immediately after that statement was alluded to her, she got pregnant for Mr. Churchill Olakunle, a Yoruba businessman whom she claimed to have married herself for and “got married to him”.

So, was it coincidence that a statement “If I continue to wait for an Igboman to marry, I will remain eternally single like Genevieve Nnaji” came out, she denied, apologized and got pregnant for a Yoruba she met in a night club and married him immediately? I mean, is this how CO-INCIDENCES happen?

Anyways, we all know how that marriage rushed into through pregnancy is at the moment and atleast, Genevieve Nnaji is still very single and have none of the trash happening to Taonto Dikeh right now around her neck.

Just hope that Tonto would have learnt some lessons as we would bring you more RETROSPECTS on her soon.

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