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Was “Funke Akindele” Ever Pregnant In The First Instance?

Funke Akindele with her baby bomb.
Well, I plead that I am not tagged a messenger of doom or carrier of falsehood but I would love to ask if our very own talented Funke Akindele was ever pregnant in the first place?

I remember sharing the experience of a man I know whose wife refused to use the Gbagada General Hospital in Lagos when she claimed to be pregnant, but insisted on using a supposed matron introduced to her by her friend, only to come back to tell the husband that the baby died at childbirth, devastating her husband, who had waited for Five Whole Years for a child, but later learnt that what his carried as pregnancy for 9 months, was not pregnancy, but WHATEVER it is to given to her to make her appear pregnant while sorting the baby to be delivered to her at exactly 9 months.

This was the issue with a certain NTA former big girl whose husband is a broadcaster too, who supposed had a set of twins abroad, but the story that followed it, only God can tell.

So, I repeat, was Nollywood’s Funke Akindele ever pregnant?
There had actually been stories of her not able to get pregnant because she had used her…….and one begins to wonder, but truth be told, the tommy we saw looked real (ofcourse they look real) and there wouldn’t have been any reason or reasons to doubt if truly she was carrying babies in the tommy or WATER, which is what the women who toe the other way carry for the period of their induced pregnancies.

How the thing work is, the woman is made artificially pregnant by putting in some not life thratening chemicals with water into their tommy, they start to blow up looking pregnant and after 9 months, a baby or a set of babies are delivered to them as take home packages and the deal is sealed.

Moreover, when the news of Funke Akindele being pregnant broke, there were some whispers around of how untrue it was that she was pregnant and one person who told me then that time will tell if truly she was pregnant is an actor friend of hers who wished to remain anonymous and as the news broke again of her loosing her twin pregnancy, the same actor was the first to inform me, and in her words, DIDN’T I TELL YOU?

So, what will Funke or any other woman faking pregnancy gain by doing so?
I mean, is it a taboo to adopt as many children as you want as a married couple?
What will Funke Akindele gain by faking pregnancy, after-all, her new husband has children and she may well do with them as her own?
Must she biologically have her own children to be called a mother?
Ant there artificial insermination working in Nigeria anymore for any woman to fake pregnancy?
What about IVF?

Why try to deceive us with this pregnancy, if truly it was fake, to prove what point?
Please, I am not saying Funke Akindele’s pregnancy was fake, but what would have been the point if it was fake?

Anyways, having said enough, we at Precious Eze’s Blog wish her well and wish that God blesses her with children to surround her table as she desires.

This story does not in anyway say that Funke Akindele faked the pregnancy or was never pregnant at all and we have no intentions of alluding that, but xtraying issues surrounding occurrences of this nature, using her pregnancy as a case study and therefore wish to apologize in advance if this maybe sensitive to arouse such emotion.

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