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Why Are You Guys MISLEADING US, Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje Empowered “Masu Shayi”, Tea Sellers In His State. Is This Hard To Comprehend?

Tea Sellers empowered by Kano State Governor recently.
I sincerely don’t understand how people on Social Media reason, think or digest information these days, or is it that they decide which info to take in, the one to discard and the one to disseminate?

I’m still in shock how educated people would seat and cook up stories against the good gesture of a state governor who decided to help improve on the business of some tea sellers in his state by supplying them with all they need to stay afloat in business and all these educated people do is castigate and create blind impressions over what a governor did for his people?

Yes, Kano state governor, Abdullahi Ganduje spent N208m on empowering of 5,200 Masu Shayi (tea sellers) in the state. I mean, 5,200 tea sellers, not graduates, nor Engineers, nor medical doctors, lawyers or architects, but BREAD AND TEA SELLERS in the state and some people are of the opinion that the governor would have given them HP Laptops, Motor-Bikes, Iphone 10, Range Rover cars or what exactly were you guys expecting a governor to empower roadside bread and tea sellers with?

The distributed items included cartons of noodles, cocoa beverage, liquid and powdered milk, tea, crates of eggs, nylon and cups, baskets, brown and white sugar, spaghetti and bread. , which are what these tea sellers need to improve on their sales and you all are making unnecessary noise over nothing? These tea sellers also received N40,000 cash, which according to the governor, will help improve the economic potentials of the beneficiaries and their families.

So, if you are not happy with what the governor has done for his people, kindly take your initiative of what you feel these kind of people should receive to your constituents and give same to your people.


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