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12 Years Old Nigerian Girl, “GOLD OSADOLOR-EHIMA” Puts Nigeria On The World Map Amongst The White.

Yes, she is 12years old and she has made not only her immediate family, but Nigerian proud in a foreign land where she came out tops amongst even the owners of the land where her school is to clinch the highest award of honour called, “The White Blazer” in her school.

Gold Osadolor-Ehima is the daughter of quintessential broadcaster and AIT’s big girl, Kambili Osadolor-Ehima who won an award as Over-All Best Student among the Best in her school abroad and was therefore decorated with the white blazer, which would stand her out among her peers in the school as she would be the only one, I mean, THE ONLY STUDENT WHO WOULD WEAR A WHILE BLAZER IN THE WHOLE OF THE SCHOOL and she is a Nigerian, with a Nigerian mother and a Nigerian father.
Kambili Osadolor-Ehima.
The excited mother, Kambili Osadolor-Ehima had these word to say.

As a rule, I keep my family off Social Media but I can't keep calm on this one. This is sooooo HUGE! She made me, my husband, my family and Nigeria Proud abroad. THE WHITE BLAZER is the HIGHEST AWARD in that school. It is an award for the OVERALL BEST amongst the BEST. She is the 1st black to win it. She will no longer wear the regular school uniform. The white blazer is worn by just one person and that ONE-PERSON is My daughter! Her name will be cast in stone forever in that school. Not just that, we were shocked, she was announced the school's NEW HEAD GIRL! GOD, even if you do nothing again for me in this my life. I will die a very happy and fulfilled mum. #GODISTHEULTIMATE #PROUDMUM..Kambili #BOSS

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